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    Can i ship my vw camper to Perth

    Can anyone help with any company's that will ship my vw T6 campervan from uk to Perth. I spent a small fortune on customisation on my vw over the last few year’s and i love it so much & am willing to pay to get it over there . I know i won't find another one like it over there & they are expensive also. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you Elly x
  2. Lee Edward Blowers

    Moving to Perth from uk

    We are moving to Perth at the end of the year. Can anyone recommend a good moving company for us . We estimate we need a 20 ft container. Any help will be much appreciated Lee & Elly
  3. Thank you fot that.

    How you guy's finding Perth ?

    We had 16 year’s in Brisbane but fancy a change , plus the long summer humidity was getting horrible in the end for us .





  4. Lee Edward Blowers

    Moving to Perth from uk

    Thank you
  5. Lee Edward Blowers

    Moving to Perth from uk

    Thank you for that. How much did they charge please ? Enjoy Adelaide guy's
  6. Lee Edward Blowers

    Moving to Perth from uk

    Thanks guy's We moved back from Brisbane after 16 year's but can not settle back in the uk afted a year of being back so unfortunately have to send our stuff back again. This time we fancy Perth and the west coast. We moved international packers & Shippers on our trip back to the uk and they were horrendous !! We has stuff stolen , packed terribly etc. So need a good company this time.. Thanks for the help.
  7. Lee Edward Blowers

    Items stolen Beware !!!!

    We left Australia Brisbane in March and used (company name removed as per site rules) . Our container arrived last week and we are now slowly going threw are boxes as we brought alot home and needed a 40ft container. We had nice items so wanted them shipped home !! We had a new Dyson hoover still Boxed up. We undone it finding the new one gone & replaced with a dented second hand one !!!!! Then a new massage gun Boxed also empty !! We are fuming !!! We can only think it was when the company loaded all our stuff on a truck from our storage shed in Brisbane as the 3 guy's said it will take two days to box, wrap & load our stuff. Just be careful people & after paying $14,000 removal costs and theft is it worth it ??? Not sure now