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    UK > NSW - 190 visa feasibility? (Electronics Engineer)

    Hello, is there any way I’m able to speak to you about our case? Apologies I’m new to the forum so not sure how to message you privately! Many thanks in advance
  2. Bristol90

    UK > NSW - 190 visa feasibility? (Electronics Engineer)

    Thanks everyone for your help. I understand the backlog from 2020 is creating some fierce competition at the moment. I naively thought it would be a bit easier than this given Electronics Engineer was added to the NSW occupation/priority list in Dec 2021. I’m new to this blog but I will find a migration agent to speak to. I’m optimistically hoping the UK-Au free trade agreement will make it a bit easier for UK professionals in the near future (or at least allow us the third WHV to get our foot in the door to get over there and be able to work).
  3. Hi all - grateful for any insight/advice! I know lots on here are clued up on invitation stats & numbers in the visa queue... (p.s. where do I find this info?!) I've looked extensively into options to move back to Sydney and I think 190 might be the best route (we used our 417 WHVs back in 2017). My boyfriend is an Electronics Engineer with 75 points (inc. NSW nomination). 28yrs, Masters degree in Electronics Engineering from UK university with 3 years experience in England. My question is - is this enough?! I want to crack on with booking the IELTS & skills assessments needed for the points but I wanted to sense check the plan in case we're pouring money down the drain for a visa thats completely unattainable due to competition/demand. Can someone link me to where they show data from previous years? Thanks in advance