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    RPL in place of education requirement for PR

    Hi @Raul, yes am offshore and my options will be limited to 190 or 491 due to the points. Yes, I need to go the RPL way in order to get points on qualification. I understand that even after the RPL and ACS assessment I can get maximum only Diploma or Advanced Diploma equal qualification which gives me 10 points. Now I am in a process of getting my RPL done so I can think further. With the current Covid situation, I feel this is going to take me much longer for the entire PR process and later I may also lose points on Age since I am already 43.
  2. Harley

    RPL in place of education requirement for PR

    Hi @Marisawright. Since I have 20 years of experience and if ACS deducts 8 years also i still am left with enough years to claim points towards work experience, provided I get atleast 10 points for education. I know this site does not endorse any immigration agents but if I can get someone who can help me build a strong case may be its very useful for me.
  3. Harley

    RPL in place of education requirement for PR

    Hi @Tulip1, thnx for your response. yes I am open to consult anyone who can help me build a strong case. I am a newbie to PR and RPL and also to this forum as i joined only today, hence I do not know of any consultant from this site who can help me out.
  4. Harley

    RPL in place of education requirement for PR

    Thanks @Marisawright for your prompt response. I have already checked that documentation before but it does mention about "no tertiary qualification - only work experience" which is a valid for ACS assessment and this is my case currently. My question is, will I be able to apply for PR having ACS and RPL alone without a graduation, as one of the agent told me its not at all possible without graduation but what RPL says that its possible. Since these 2 are contradicting each other I am confused. If someone can guide me in this its highly appreciated.
  5. Hello Folks, I have a question which is not answered correctly by any agent I spoke to. It is whether the RPL (IT) can be applied and used if someone does not have a formal university degree. In my case, I have studied till 12th grade which is pre-university in Computer Science. Later I wasn't able continue my education but started working immediately. In the entire journey till now, I have accumulated 20+ years of core Software Development and Architecture work experience. Now, if I want to apply for a PR I will not get any points for education. I heard and saw some websites offering assistance to apply for a RPL (IT) in ACS (Australian Computer Society) which can be used for the education points. I checked this with my local immigration agent and he has no much idea about it. I am unsure if I should go in for this. If anyone can please put some light on this subject and also suggest me some alternatives if available for PR application in my case. Thanks in advance...