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  1. Thanks for this! Very exciting for you.. are you making plans to get on over there now? So was your visa turnaround from submission to grant less than 1 month? Where did you submit your application from? And did you prepare the submission yourself, or make use of an agency?
  2. Thanks for the replies - this is really useful information. I think that we'll look to getting an off-shore application sorted out soon, to try to get it in the pipeline as quickly as possible. I should be able to gather most of the documents together fairly quickly, but it looks like I'll need to get the health assessments sorted ahead of application. Is it best to have these all sorted ahead of sending everything off? I think my daughter is eligible for citizenship by descent (after a period of 2 years in country). Would it be a better idea simply to add her as part of lodging the application?
  3. Hi all, New to the forum, glad I've stumbled across it. We live in the UK - I'm British, wife UK/Australia dual citizen (born in UK), and young daughter. We've previously lived in NZ, and have always had in mind to move to Australia as a long-term option - we have a number of friends and family throughout the West Coast. I'm looking to apply for a 309/100 partner visa, although the expected wait time seems to be around 18-24 months. We've previously put off putting in the application due to the cost, and were waiting on the outcome of our final (also expensive) IVF cycle. Once applied for the 309/100 visa, are there are options for applying for other shorter-term work visas in the interim? Or is it possible to apply for shorter-term work visas, and then apply for a 820/801 visa on-shore? I'm finance qualified, so should be eligible for special skills. Thanks, Sam