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  1. LandM

    Shipping a Hoover

    I wondered about buying new parts from Syson for the bits that we can’t clean. Chucking the old ones on departure. The cyclone bit I’m thinking.
  2. LandM

    I’m a teacher trainer

    Thank you- I was just checking that if only my husband got the visa and I his dependent whether I could work and benefit from Medicare. thabk you. I am a science teacher with a zoology degree, (3y) followed by a pgce and a masters in education from University College London (UCL). Thanks for all your responses on this and my other question threads, which I posted all at the same time yesterday mall responses have been very helpful!!
  3. LandM

    IELTS - academic to boost points

    Thanks everyone! Yes, we have made contact with GoMatilda so should hear this week. yes, following advice on this forum, it will be my husband applying and doing the test thanks again
  4. LandM

    IELTS - academic to boost points

    I have a related possibly daft Q what order so we do the following in: a) sit IELTS test b) send off EOI c) apply to the assessing authority for a migration skills assessment thanks in advance for your help lisa
  5. LandM

    Do we all need a visa?

    Thank you!!!!
  6. LandM

    I’m a teacher trainer

    This is great to know - I thought we all had to get our own visas. if I’m a dependent - can I work once I’ve taken a year or so off to settle us all? Do you happen to know? also, does it have implications for me - ie. do we have to then pay for our kids schooling, and pay the big medical amount of money when I arrive? Or will I (and the kids) have permanent residency too being a dependent of my husband who has that? thanks for considering lisa
  7. LandM

    Do we all need a visa?

    Ahhh thanks so much everyone!!!! really good advice! right - this is the kick we needed to get things going this very week! computer developer route here we go! thanks - I’ll update you x x
  8. LandM

    IELTS - academic to boost points

    Oh wow!!! Really!?! Really good to know tho - I’ll get studying!! Thank you!!!
  9. LandM

    Do we all need a visa?

    Hi there lovely PIO community We are a family of four+ (me, Hubby, son and daughter and bump). Baby is due in October. my question is - do we ALL need a visa? I had in my head that as I would want to be a stay-at-home mum for a while, I wouldn’t need to work, so could we all go on a visa we get for just my husband? (Thinking skilled independent visa subclass 189 - he’s a computer developer) I was thinking that I could apply for my visa once there?! and do kids aged 7,4 and 0 need visas?? any advice on what we do about applying for a visa for ‘bump’ if you think we do all need visas? Thanks for reading!!
  10. LandM

    I’m a teacher trainer

    Hi there PIO community i have been a secondary teacher for 16y in the Uk, but 18m ago I became a ‘tutor’ on a PGCE course - training teachers. I intend on applying for the skilled visa (skilled independent visa, subclass 189) but does anyone know if my slight change to the focus of my job is a problem if I’m applying under ‘secondary school teacher’? thanks for reading lisa
  11. Hi there PIO community i wonder whether anyone knows- I am an ‘English girl’ born and bred - and have a degree, PGCE and Masters all from UK universities. would you recommend taking the IELTS Academic test - though I don’t neeeeed to - but simply to boost my score as I’m 40 and worrying that I need all the help I can get. thanks for reading lisa
  12. Linked to this - I have been a teacher for 16 years but in the last 18m have become a teacher trainer - teaching secondary teachers of the pgce course. Does anyone know if this is a problem for gaining a visa linked to me as a ‘secondary teacher’?