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  1. LandM

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    I feel your pain Bieck. I’m due in October (can’t fly after 10th Sept) - we’ve rented our house here out from 5th August - so we HAVE TO fly by then - we’re booked for 23rd July. Fingers and toes all crossed!!!!!!!!!! we’ve both resigned from jobs for the end of this month too. Aaaaaaaaaa!! good luck with your next few months!!! And congrats on little one!!
  2. LandM

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    Hi there PIO We have our visa and travel exemption- and flights booked. we fly London to AbuDhabi, then on to Melbourne. And finally on to Sydney. All with Etihad. my questions- if anyone can help: 1. do my 3 and 6 year old need a PCR test before we depart? 2. where will we quarantine? If Melbourne, we won’t be able to make that last flight. Luckily we can move the date of it I think for a small-ish fee. 3. if you have been bumped from flights - how much notice do they give? (We are in economy ) thanks all!!! See you soon (hopefully!)
  3. These are great - thanks!
  4. Hi ladies and gents im keen to compile a list of what we must not ship (on the 3mth boat journey) - because we’ll need it sooner in some way - so we must retain… pls can you help me, using your experience? im thinking: kids ‘red books’ showing immunisations our passports (obvs) and marriage certificate what else? we intend on taking an AirBNB when we first arrive followed by a rental. Perhaps this informs what I’ll need to ‘show’. thanks for thinking lisa
  5. LandM

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Oh well done Psuwara! I recall business flights about three four weeks ago for £8k total! Now it’s at least 18k! so we’ll be in economy, with two stops for our 8k! :-(( it’s a good idea to book an OB visit for as soon as you are free. Thanks for the tip. yes - would love to hear more about your experience!
  6. LandM

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Hi Biek! Congratulations on your new arrival! good luck! I’m trying to fly with my baby on the inside hahaha! Figured it’s be easier! has anyone any experience of booking (and actually stepping on) normal flights (not DFAT)?? We want to fly end of July as baby due in the autumn and we need to get thru quarantine and settled.
  7. Hi there people is anyone (on the priority migration list) going through application for this visa at the moment/has recently done so? if so, a) what timescales have you experienced? b) what info will they need (wondering what I can sort now) eg. Medical checks/police checks c) any other experiences/tips? I know we need to apply for exemption to travel as soon as our visa application goes in. I read that on here. Doing so can speed up the visa (I read). yours gratefully lisa
  8. Thank you. Received. Is my car an A, B or C do you know? kindest regRds lisa
  9. LandM

    20ft or 40ft

    Thanks - sure will get a couple more quotes. We are Scandi background so our things are quite leggy and our general style is sparse nothing v bulky. More quotes needed thank you
  10. Hi All i just wondered about your experience/knowledge of getting a perm visa once we are ‘there’ already? is that a better approach than applying for perm from england? we could be in Oz pretty soon as my husband is on the priority migration list and there are loads of jobs for him - so it is hopefully a matter of securing one. but we want perm. So shall he/I apply from here, now, or is it better/quicker/cheaper to apply once in Oz? id be interested to hear your experiences!
  11. LandM

    20ft or 40ft

    I agree with you Ken we actually ‘have’ very little ‘stuff’....the quoter even said! thanks for your thoughts Marisa and eman!
  12. LandM

    20ft or 40ft

    Hi PIO I know that everyone’s belongings vary so much, but I’d be interested to know what people managed to fit into their 20ft container? We’ve been estimated to need a 40ft, and told our car won’t fit in too, so that estimate must mean we’d be using most of that second 20ft! im shocked, as we only have, in brief: kingsize bed, single bed, toddler bed, coT 2x 2door wardrobes 3 sofas Dining table and accompanying benches sideboard microwave (no other white goods) crockery, cutlery, clothes, toys, linens 3 bikes, 3 first size kids bikes one child’s chest of drawers trampoline your thoughts / experiences are appreciated!! also, how have movecube performed recently??
  13. No worries for the delay - and thanks for the email. via your calculator tool, is our car an A, B or C? also, sorry, the values in the email weren’t clear - there was no total for example. I did email straight back but haven’t heard since. thanks for your time lisa