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  1. Hi Experts, Hope you all are doing fine. I am about to apply for ACS skill assessment under “Multimedia Specialist - 261211”. My job roles and responsibilities match with the profile but the designation on my all reference letters is not the same. I got 10 years of experience and below are the designations on my employer reference letters: 1) Sr. Executive – SEO 2) SEO Analyst 3) Internet Marketing Team Lead 4) Project Manager – Internet Marketing 5) Website Content Coordinator 6) SEO Technical Manager – (Current Job) My Job R&R matches to “Multimedia Specialist - 261211” and already mentioned in all the employer reference letters. My Questions are: 1) Does designation matter in the ACS skill assessment process? 2) If I get a positive assessment for the same, Will Case Officer (CO) point out this when I submit the DE 186 visa under “Multimedia Specialist - 261211”. Thanks in Advance Guys. Regards, GS