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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Experts, Hope you all are doing fine. I am about to apply for ACS skill assessment under “Multimedia Specialist - 261211”. My job roles and responsibilities match with the profile but the designation on my all reference letters is not the same. I got 10 years of experience and below are the designations on my employer reference letters: 1) Sr. Executive – SEO 2) SEO Analyst 3) Internet Marketing Team Lead 4) Project Manager – Internet Marketing 5) Website Content Coordinator 6) SEO Technical Manager – (Current Job) My Job R&R matches to “Multimedia Specialist - 261211” and already mentioned in all the employer reference letters. My Questions are: 1) Does designation matter in the ACS skill assessment process? 2) If I get a positive assessment for the same, Will Case Officer (CO) point out this when I submit the DE 186 visa under “Multimedia Specialist - 261211”. Thanks in Advance Guys. Regards, GS
  2. 1. I had applied for Skilled - Independent (Points-Tested) (subclass 189) visa in 2016 on the ground of studies & employment in overseas as Software Engineer. But Immigration authorities found that the organization is so small, hence, did not meet the standard required and raised several concern over giving any due credit to my employment in overseas for grant of visa under subclass 189. They had issued Natural Justice Letter (S-57) inviting comments/explanation about the concerns raised therein. 2. Keeping in view their findings, I preferred to withdraw my application keeping in mind that I will apply for another skill assessment without using those employment so as to avoid any further concern as I had already completed my Masters in IT from Sydney University and was pursuing my Professional Year which was due to get completed in the year 2017. 3. After completion of my studies in Australia and Professional Year, I again applied for skill assessment certificate before Australian Computer Society (ACS) afresh under the provisions of Post Australian Study Skill Assessment which was to be assessed purely on the basis of my post Australian studies only and no credit was to be given to my employment in overseas which had occurred prior to the relevant Australian degree. 4. This time, I had not submitted or provided any documents to ACS relating to my employment in overseas. But ACS has mentioned those employment details in my skill assessment certificate and when I raised this concern before them, they cited the reason that it got mentioned in the certificate because I had provided the information in 2015/2016 and it cannot be omitted, removed or deleted at any later stage/in any subsequent certificate. I have written many emails to ACS raising this concern that my skill assessment was strictly to be done on the basis of my post Australian studies. As per the ACS website, under the Post Study Australian skill assessment, only employment experiences after the relevant Australian degree are to be considered. Then why did any employment details prior to completion of my studies in Australia are mentioned in the skill assessment certificate. ACS has mentioned that I could claim points for those experiences. I think this is quite opposite to what is mentioned in the ACS website. 5. Mention of this fact in skill assessment certificate by ACS mislead the Case Officer and he is now of the opinion that I have obtained the skill assessment certificate issued in 2018 on the basis of my employment in overseas which had already been tested by the Immigration Authorities and found not suitable or substandard. 6. Now, in view of Immigration Authorities, there is no material difference between skill assessment certificate dated 2016 & 2018 and they have been issued on the similar grounds. But the fact is that the first skill assessment certificate (2016) was issued on the ground of employment in overseas while the second skill assessment certificate (2018) has been issued on the basis of post Australian Studies and Professional Year. 7. Natural Justice Letter (S-57) dated 20.06.2019 has been issued to me and I have been asked to submit my comments latest by 16th July 2019.
  3. Dear expert, I’m planning to do skill assessment for PR. Can anybody provide me a reference letter which was succeeded at ACS skill assessment. You can remove your personal details on the letter as I just need to get the idea about success one.And It would be better ,if it is relevant to Software Engineering. Thank you CB
  4. rogerkerketta

    ACS Professional Year Skill Assesment

    Hi Guys, I am scheduled to graduate from ACS Professional Year in the next one month. My skill assessment for subclass 485 visa assessed as Computer Network and Systems Engineer took me 1.5 months. Was just wondering how long does the assessment take to be completed once a person already had a 485 skill assessment and just wanting another assessment considering the ACS Professional Year. People who have gone through this phase kindly throw some light on this.. Thaknks
  5. Hi all, I am very confused about this assessment... hopefully someone can help me. this is my history: I came here to Australia to finish my studies, back in my country I am a professional software developer (I studied in a technological institute for 3 years and an half). I studied a bachelor in IT and at the same time I work part-time as a software Engineer( currently I still working for the same company. In August last year, I finished uni and applied for a skills assessment. I got my assessment granted in March this year. now, I would to work in the skill migrations visa. According to Mark Webster (https://www.acacia-au.com/changes-to-skills-assessment.php), "If you already hold a skills assessment for a 485 visa which was not based on work experience, you would need to obtain new full skills assessment if you wish to apply for permanent residence." Thus, a professional year experience is not applied to me. my questions is.. if I do a professional year course and keep working full time in my current job at the same time, I would be able to get 5 point for the course and another 5 points for my work experiences? Thank in advances, Christian.
  6. Hi. I have to send all my grades and work documents to ACS for skill assessment but I have some gaps during my time. So from 2007 to 2010 I study and I had my own business. And I have a letter from one company that I worked for them as ICT Project Manager and developer for 2 years. And my biggest issue is if ACS will accept this or not. My second issue is following. I have worked for a company as Developer and ICT Project Manager for 4 years now and my former manager that resigned for 6 months ago has wrote a letter of recommendation for me but she has not wrote it in the same way as ACS wants it. So my question is here if ACS will accept it or do I have to ask her to write me a new one. If I can find her. So in total I will have more then 5 years of work experience and 3 years of education within ICT. Will this be enough or not? I will apply for 189 once I get the results back. And I hope they will be positive. Please help me or give me some advice.
  7. NorthumbrianDavid

    Skilled Employment ACS

    Hi - just had a panic on my points for skilled migration, but think I may just scrape to 60 points. I gained a university diploma in Computing in 2007 and have worked full-time as a programmer - developer since then (7 years). Now - as my qualification is only a diploma, am I right in understanding that my skilled employment date will be (2007 + 5 years) = 2012? Those five years count for nothing in the visa assessment and I will only be able to gain points for the visa next year when I clock up 3 years post skilled employment assessment date?
  8. There are two differnt status being shown for ACS for me and my bro applications on same stage - Both the applications are in stage 4 - Is it normal and how soon can we expect a results - Thanks in advance [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Given Name [/TD] [TD]Abhinav [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Date Received [/TD] [TD]16-April-2012 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Event Type [/TD] [TD]RPL [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Status [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #4CBBF2] With Assessor [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Given Name [/TD] [TD]Mukul [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Date Received [/TD] [TD]10-April-2012 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Event Type [/TD] [TD]Skills [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Status [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #4CBBF2] In Progress [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  9. Hi All, I checked my ACS skill assessment application before clicking on the submit button but at the end found that the date of birth was entered inaccurately but by that time, credit card payment was made. I am unable to modify the details. I am tensed. Please let me know the way ahead. I have already written to the general email ID of ACS. I am tensed. Please let me know the options. Regards, B