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  1. Hello just thought I’d share my opinion as I have sat both exams. I wasn’t able to score top marks on IELTS, but got 90 across the board for PTE. I think there both difficult but I think with the PTE as long as you know the style of the exam, you can pass but I would highly recommend watching YouTube videos and also purchasing a marked mock exam.
  2. First time poster I am a qualified social worker, and I am about to send documents to AASW (just waiting for a new passport- wouldn’t have been a delay if Royal Mail hadn’t lost my old one ). What is the average waiting time for AASW to approve? Thank you Victoria
  3. Hey! It wasn’t too bad in getting all the documents together. The IQA form is really self explanatory, and does give a list of documents you need to send off to be assessed. I am still waiting for my new passport to be approved, so I can send a certified copy. It was also probably helpful that I am still in contact with my academic tutor who was able to verify my university documents.
  4. I see Eagle2020 you decided to take your comment off, however I have just come across it in my emails. So, just commenting on your original post that you have then perhaps edited- I care, and hence why I posted.