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    Citizenship Rejection Letter

    Thanks everyone! I think I will need to resubmit with all pages - even blank ones! Does anyone know if rejected applications are returned?
  2. Kate0573

    Citizenship Rejection Letter

    Hey VickyPlum, It’s insane isn’t it! I was on the phone with them going “so you don’t know what was wrong with it, you don’t know if it’s being sent back and you have no suggestions for me? Great, thank you for your help.” Then she asked if I’d stay on the line to participate in a survey about the call. Yes, we’ve been back to his online account since. I’ve tried to start a new application online and same errors. His account is broken. I assume we will just need to reapply with fingers crossed they like the second one better. I wish I knew what was wrong with the first one. Having made the payment prior to sending in the application, I am flabbergasted as to why they’ve listed that as a reason for rejection.
  3. Kate0573

    Citizenship Rejection Letter

    Hi Wanderer Returns! Thanks for your message! I printed the application from a PDF they sent me so there were individual pages that I had removed. I just omitted the ones we didn’t need after ticking their boxes on the form to skip 3 pages. I’m thinking that’s what they meant by missing information - Even though it would have been blank. The frustrating thing is that no one can tell me what the actual issue is so that I could fix it. Also, annoying to not know if I will receive it back or do they just bin it? If we have to do it all over again, I will need a new 1195 form witnessed, new passport photo endorsed, etc. I was told I could request a refund right from my immi account for the amount paid. It is strange though that it’s clearly there and that I do need to ask for a refund when the rejection letter stated we hadn’t paid. Ah!!!
  4. Kate0573

    Citizenship Rejection Letter

    Hi All! My family and I have been in Oz for over 4 years and have met the requirements for citizenship by conferral. My husband had an issue with his immi account (that home affairs couldn’t seem to fix) and he was advised to apply by paper whilst the rest of us applied online. His application was rejected two days after they received it. Reason 1 was that we hadn’t paid online. We did indeed pay the correct amount online, included a copy of the receipt and noted the receipt number on the application. The money was removed from our bank account and is currently held in the immi account as a “credit”. The second reason listed was that information was missing. I know after having gone through the application 20 times myself nothing was left blank that should have been completed. He wasn’t adding our kids to his app as they were listed under mine so we ticked the box saying kids applied elsewhere. I did remove the extra pages from the application that would have included information for up to 6 kids. Could me removing two pages of unnecessary application pages have caused them to say info was missing? I am at a loss. We called Home Affairs to enquire about this perplexing rejection letter. They told me once an application has been rejected they then don’t have any information about it as it’s removed from their system. They literally cannot tell me why it was rejected. They have no idea if it will even be returned to us and have no suggestions for me for what we should do at this point. Does anyone out there have any advice? Any similar situation that might help us figure out what to do next? I wish he could apply online as it seemed so much easier. Sigh. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.