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  1. ScottyM

    Balance of family test

    On reading the balance of family test criteria for a parent visa, i notice it mentions step children being under 18 years of age. Does anyone know if this means step children who are nearly in their 40's are not included in the test? I was under the impression they are but after reading this more fully i'm a bit confused as to whether they are or not. Many thanks Scott.
  2. ScottyM

    Subclass 870 processing?

    I have applied for the above visa from UK in March 2020 before the world went mad. On checking the Immi webpage, processing times are still listed as up to 5 months but nothing has been updated on my application, which i understand. Does anyone have an idea as to when these visa's might be starting the processing procedure again? I tried to contact Immi by phone but apart from telling me what day it was, couldn't supply an other info. Just thought i'd post in case anyone in the industry has heard a whisper as i know Immi may not want to fully commit to dates. Many thanks. Scott
  3. ScottyM

    Transferring money from oz to uk

    Lee, Dunno if this will help, we are in the process of applying to move to Oz and have HSBC UK and Australian accounts. The Oz one was set up by the bank in UK. They do not charge fee's for monies going between their own accounts in different countries. Might be worth looking at depending on what you need to pay out.
  4. ScottyM

    870 parents temporary visa

    Hi all, I have a quick question if anyone could help with. We applied for our 870 visa in March 2020 just before the world went nuts. I'm guessing they are not yet processing these visa's although having paid our first instalment. If and when they start processing again, can someone tell me when the visa starts, ie from date of issue or date of landing? I have looked all over the Immi site and cannot find a thing about it. Thanks in advance. Scott.
  5. ScottyM

    870 Temporary Visa

    Paul, thanks for that. Our e-visa expires on 3rd July, do you know if this can be renewed before that date?
  6. ScottyM

    870 Temporary Visa

    Hi all, we are just starting our application for this visa and was looking for help on one thing. The application states we must apply form outside Australia but can be in country when the decision is made. Does this mean we can apply in the UK and then travel on our e-visa's before Immi decides on the 870? Does anyone have knowledge of this, even for another type of visa? Any help would be appreciated.