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  1. Ben & meg

    EOI advise

    To be fair we did think that the working holiday visa was for backpackers travelling around and doing general work, so this could be a possibility. The only issue is my girlfriend turns 30 in July, so can she live and work in Australia on the holiday working visa right up to her 31st birthday? If so then it could be a viable option.
  2. Ben & meg

    EOI advise

    Thanks for taking time to reply guys, I will contact an agent and have a consultation.
  3. Ben & meg

    EOI advise

    Hello, We were recommended to visit this forum by my girlfriends uncle who has been in Australia for 15 years and is a citizen. Me (27) and my girlfriend (29) are both UK citizens looking into the options we have with regards to moving to Australia and what visas we would issue our EOI under. I am a product designer for a furniture manufacturing company and my girlfriend is a senior insurance claims handler. I have 4 years work experience and she has 5 1/2. On the occupations list product designer does not come up but industrial designer does. There are a lot of blurred lines and cross overs within design as a profession, so it is difficult to determined what you fall into so, we basically want to know; 1) What visas we would submit our EOI under? 2) Are our occupations likely to be accepted as skilled visas? 3) Are there any other requirements to know about before submitting an EOI? 4) Can I use industrial designer as my occupation if I am a product designer? Thanks is advance for any advice! Ben & Meg