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  1. Hi Everyone, Any update from Dubai embassy? Are they open or any grants !!!
  2. Hi , How long it took them to reject your case ?? If you don't mind asking , what was the reason of invalid marriage ?
  3. Hi Mariam, What was your RFI?? My DOL was April 2019 but I didn't hear anything from them
  4. Hi Mi Mi, Hopefully u will get ur visa soon !!! When did you apply ? Do you have their number ?? If u don't mind can u please share it
  5. Thanks for sharing!!! I'm waiting from April 2019 and still no news and no email . What they ask in the interview ??
  6. Hi Ssher, If You don't mind, could please share what they asked you during interview?
  7. that's very stressful to wait for them Ahmad did you fill out form 1221 ?
  8. Hi everyone!! I need help ..... I'm not sure if I need to submit form 1221 for 309 (offshore) partner visa???