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  1. Hi Today I call them for Medicare number they give me reference number of it and said that the application is in process.
  2. When did you applied for it?? Did you get any digital copy when you applied online??? Can you please send me the e-mail Id to submit Online???
  3. Hi Does the application submitted by online or through Central link office???
  4. Hi friends How long will it take to get Medicard for 309 visa holders???
  5. DOL- 30/01/2020 RFI -23/12/2020 (Sponsor Overseas PCC - It's took 2 months to get PCC so they gave me 28 days extension) Submitted on 19/02/2021 RFI - 22/02/2021 (Remedical) Completed on 26/02/2021 Visa Grant - 17/03/2021
  6. Hi My wife is 30 weeks pregnant (7 months completed). Will embassy grant 309 visa during this condition????