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  1. An update: we have received medical examination, police certificates and Assistance of support request on 3 October 2019, more than two months after the Acknowledgment Letter from 27 July 2019. Assistance of support was submitted on 10 October and approved on 5 November. Medical examination and police certificates were already submitted by that date. 2nd installment of the visa application charge was requested on 22 November, paid on 25 November in the morning, visa granted the afternoon the same day. In conclusion, the conversion from visa 103 to 143 was smooth and the queue date of the original visa application was counted for. Overall good experience with the Department of Human Affairs, except for the delay between the application acknowledgement and the medical examination requested.
  2. Hi, we are switching my mum-in-law from 103 visa to Contributory Parent 143 visa. The queue date for 103 visa is 18 June 2015. We have paid the application fee for 143 visa and sent the application on 29th of June this year, and have received an Acknowledgment Letter on 27 July 2019. In our understanding, our 143 application should be processed with effective queue date 18 June 2015. However, the Home Affairs department has not mentioned about the queue date in the Acknowledgment Letter. Has anyone converted 103 visa application to 143 visa? What was the effective queue date? Not sure what is the best way to contact the department as their phone operators do not have access to the file. Any recommendations? Thanks