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  1. Hi, I have been to australia on study visa subclass 573 before. I was doing a Bachelors degree and I had to downgrade it to a diploma course due to personal circumstances which explains that I did not meet condition 8516 where I need to maintain the eligibility of my course. My visa never got cancelled but I suppose I did not meet all the conditions that was attached to my study visa. Will this have any negative effects if I plan to apply for a partner visa soon? Thank you
  2. Jass Efron

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    Oh alright, that makes it clear somehow. Just wanted to make sure I take the right step beforehand to avoid any problems in the future. Thank you very much for your advice and help!
  3. Jass Efron

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    I see. I do understand that I may get the “No further stay” condition as well so i will therefore be applying offshore in that case. My last question is, would it be better if it was my partner to provide an invitation letter for me? In this case, he can provide a letter explaining that my intention to visit Australia is to visit him spend some time and get our documents ready for partner visa as he is unable to leave Australia due to his business. Then I’ll leave Australia and apply partner visa offshore from India. Or get an invitation letter from my friend instead that she is inviting me to visit her and travel around AUS. Without mentioning anything about my partner. Just confused.
  4. Jass Efron

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    That’s no problem at all. Can I ask you the chances for getting tourist visa in my case? Sorry I’m just getting anxious Day by day. Me and my partner have been living apart for 4 months now and we need to get started something ASAP. I’m worried about what kind of supporting documents I can provide to help get tourist visa.
  5. Jass Efron

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    That’s alright. I guess i made it confusing sorry. Are you a registered migration agent?
  6. Jass Efron

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    Sorry, but I’ll make it clear. My parents are PR in the Philippines while I’m not and If I were to apply for it, it will take a year at least and I don’t think it is useful in my case of applying tourist visa to Australia. I agree that there will be different opinions as per to my situation. I just hope the supporting documents will be enough
  7. Jass Efron

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    Thank you for answering. That's what I am working on right now to satisfy the requirements. I do not have any economic ties here in the Philippines nor back in my home country which is making it difficult. So I will be getting an invitation letter from my partner's sister who is my best friend. Yes, we do meet the requirements for partner visa. I have met my partner on 2017, have lived together from 2017-2019. The plan was to go to India, get married and apply for offshore partner visa 309. However, due to my partner's work commitments, he could not leave Australia (he manages a business owned by him which will be very stressful to leave behind). So the best way we have is that I apply for tourist visa to Australia. If I don't get a "No further stay condition" on my visa, we will be applying onshore otherwise, I will help him gather documents for partner visa application whilst my stay in Australia, go back to India and apply offshore.
  8. Jass Efron

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    I have a concern with regards to applying for tourist visa. I’m a bit confused on what step to take exactly as per the situation. I’ve been to Australia on study visa where I met my partner. Visa got expired on March 2019 so I had to leave the country. I went to Philippines on tourist visa to visit my family as they are permanent residents here. (I could not get my PR here due to some issues) Now, me and my partner were planning to get a tourist visa to Australia and where thinking of applying for onshore partner visa. He has his own business and could not leave Australia and that’s why the best option we got is for me to go to a Australia on tourist visa. As I’m currently in the Philippines... I tried to ask a travel agency here in the Philippines if I can apply for a tourist visa from here. She said I won’t be able to cos I’m residing as a tourist here and that it would be better to apply it from my home country (India). Previously I’ve applied my study visa from India. Now if I apply for a tourist visa from India I don’t have any strong ties to show nor any asset as my family lives in the Philippines. I guess there is a very less chance of getting a tourist visa granted. I don’t know what to do now and it is really messed up to be honest. Any guidance or advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much
  9. Do you mean to say that I should apply from India and if I want to come back to php and stay here as a tourist that’s possible as long as I provide my current address?
  10. I won’t be able to apply for graduate work visa as I had to downgrade my bachelors degree to an advanced diploma one due to personal circumstances.
  11. Hey guys, I would like to ask for an advice as I am in very troubling situation. Me and my partner are planning to get married and apply for partner visa offshore. The plan was to go to India and we’ll get married there and lodge our partner visa file. I have been to Aus previously on study visa which expired recently on March 2019 (that’s when/where I met my partner and it has been 2 yrs now). I left Australia before the expiry of my study visa and I am currently in the Philippines on tourist visa to visit my family at the moment. I have been thinking to apply for a tourist visa to Australia from here, however some agents have suggested to apply for it from India (country of origin). However, I don’t have anyone back in India nor any assets which makes it clear that there is a less chance of visitor visa getting approved. The problem also is that my partner is unable to leave Australia at this moment because of his business. That’s why the best way I could think is to apply for tourist visa so that we can start planning for our lives. I just don’t know if it is possible to apply for it from a foreign country where you’re not a citizen of. As confusing as it seems, the situation is getting tougher and tougher for us :( Any advice/help will be highly appreciated.
  12. Hi guys, Can one lodge a partner visa application from Australian agent in Australia while the sponsor and spouse are in India?