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  1. Hi All, Hope you are all well? Looking for some advice it possible. Hold a 187 RSMS Permanent Visa (as of September 2019). Still with same employer and happy. I brought my de-facto partner onto the visa with me. We reside in Bundaberg currently, but my role see's me supporting business' all over Australia (mainly regional). My partner has been offered a new role which means we would need to relocate closer to Brisbane. This is ok, as I tend to work from home and my employer is Ok with the move. My concern is, as the obligations of RSMS visa sit with me, as I am the primary applicant, and I had to agree to work in a regional location... do I actually have to RESIDE in a regional area? Or, is it OK to live in a metro area and continue my current roll supporting regional Business? Or, is this likely to cause complications concerning visa? I know on a 186 visa it doesn't necessarily matter, but 187 visa holds more specific obligations, so I just want to ensure there's nothing likely to cause a problem if we opt to move if my partner accepts this role. TIA.
  2. Jamie Houghton

    WHV to 187 RSMS Visa with Partner

    Hi all, Hope you are all well? I'm looking for a little bit of support if possible and would love some input so I can have an educated conversation with my current employer. I'm currently on a WHV from the UK and have been here for 8 weeks. I've been working for my employer for 6 weeks. I've made my aspirations clear to them, in that, I'd love to make my time here in Australia last and would be willing to do what was necessary to obtain a better form of Visa so I wasn't as restricted. Last week, my HR Director and my Boss came to meet me and have offered me an opportunity to move to Regional Australia and they'd sponsor me under the 187 RSMS Visa and they've provided me with information to which I must support them with. All of this is absolutely fine, however, I have some questions that I do need some support with before going to see a lawyer. 1) i'm in a 'De Facto' relationship with my partner who is in Australia with me. He has a job now, but is willing to relocate with me to fulfill our aspirations of extending our stay, permenantly. What are my options with this? Can I tag him onto my 187 Visa application? And would he aquire a Bridging Visa with no working right compromises? (Currently also on a WHV 417) 2) With me being within my first 6 months of employment on my WHV and it being the same employer that would like to sponsor me, would I face any difficulties here also? Would the Department of Home Affairs require me to change employer still within 6 months or would this be overturned and unlimited work rights be granted? 3) Finally, the conditions of the Visa are that I must employed by my employer in regional Australia for 2 years from the date that the Visa is granted. I understand that it is currently a 21-23 month process time. So would this mean I am to work in regional Australia for the application process time, plus another 2 years? It doesn't matter to me, but I am keen to progress with my company and worry that the 187 visa would restrict me by ways of having to fulfill the same role for at least 4 years in regional Australia. I realise I do need to get a Lawyer for this process to be completed so that both I and my employer are compliant in all aspects, but I would really appreciate any experience/recommended routes to follow to make this as easy and smooth as possible. Any info would be truly appreciated. Jamie.
  3. Jamie Houghton

    WHV to 187 RSMS Visa with Partner

    Thanks to both for replying! We paid for a Migration Agent as suggested and got the answers we needed. It seems a fairly solid process. Thanks to both again!