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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, Hope you are all well? Looking for some advice it possible. Hold a 187 RSMS Permanent Visa (as of September 2019). Still with same employer and happy. I brought my de-facto partner onto the visa with me. We reside in Bundaberg currently, but my role see's me supporting business' all over Australia (mainly regional). My partner has been offered a new role which means we would need to relocate closer to Brisbane. This is ok, as I tend to work from home and my employer is Ok with the move. My concern is, as the obligations of RSMS visa sit with me, as I am the primary applicant, and I had to agree to work in a regional location... do I actually have to RESIDE in a regional area? Or, is it OK to live in a metro area and continue my current roll supporting regional Business? Or, is this likely to cause complications concerning visa? I know on a 186 visa it doesn't necessarily matter, but 187 visa holds more specific obligations, so I just want to ensure there's nothing likely to cause a problem if we opt to move if my partner accepts this role. TIA.
  2. The Pom Queen

    491 Australia Skilled Work Visa

    Recently, Australia announced the introduction of two new visas to allow skilled migrants to move to the regional areas of the country. These visas named Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) and Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa (subclass 494) became available on November 16, 2019. These two visas will replace existing visa subclasses 489 and 187. In this article, our focus will be on visa subclass 491. Visa subclass 491 is a work visa that will give skilled workers the opportunity to move to Australia, work, and live in regional areas for up to five years during which they can apply for permanent residency. A lot of skilled migrants are highly interested in this visa, and since its introduction, application numbers keep rising by the day. Features of Visa Subclass 491 i. It is a temporary visa that allows skilled workers and their family members to work, live, and study in regional Australia for five years. The visa is point-based, and an applicant must have either a sponsorship from a family member who lives in designated regional areas or nomination by a state. ii. Applicants must live and work in regional Australia for a minimum of three years before they can be eligible for permanent residency. iii. The visa supports a wide range of occupations, and every year, they allocate 14000 places. iv. The set age limit is 45 years. v. Regional areas of Australia are anywhere excluding Melbourne, metropolitan Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Gold Coast. vi. The holder of this visa can move from one regional area to another. vii. The application fee for this visa is $4,095, and for applicants with partners, the fee is $2,025. As mentioned above, Visa Subclass 491 is a point-based visa, and IELTS is part of the priorities that make up the points required to get the visa subclass 491. IELTS is a standard used to measure the English language proficiency of people who want to migrate to an English-speaking country. What are your obligations at the point of application? • You must have a relevant skill or occupation in the skilled occupation list. • You must have a nomination to apply from a state government agency or sponsorship by a family member. • You must satisfy the points test with a score of 65 or higher. • You must have passed a skills assessment test for the occupation or skill you claim to have. • You must have an invitation to apply. • You must be 45 or younger. • You must satisfy Australia’s health requirements. • You must satisfy Australia’s character requirements. How are the Points Calculated? • Applicants with a skilled partner or spouse will get 10 points. • Applicants whose spouses or partners have English competency will receive 5 points. • Single applicants receive 10 points. • Applicants nominated by State or Territory receive 15 points. • Applicants sponsored by a family member living in regional Australia will receive 15 points. • Some STEM qualifications will receive 10 points. Pathway to Permanent Residency Visa subclass 491 is a temporary visa that can lead to permanent residency for eligible applicants. Once a holder of the 491 visa has resided and worked in a regional area of Australia for three years, they will be able to file an application for a 191 visa, which is the visa for permanent residency. The pathway to permanent residency will be available from November 16 2022. How Flexible is this Visa? The visa holder cannot work and live outside the designated regional areas, but they can travel from one regional area to another. They will also not be granted any onshore partner visa or permanent skilled visa for three years except the circumstances are compelling. Visa applicants are also advised not to get shady or dodgy at the point of application to receive extra points. Some applicants may separate or divorce so they can get extra points. Once an applicant files their application, their entire profile will be placed under scrutiny again when they lodge their permanent residency under subclass 191. Things You Must Do When Traveling to Australia If you are not in Australia and your visa gets granted, you must be in Australia at an earlier date than what is specified on your visa grant letter. Before leaving for Australia, check through your travel documents and make sure you have a valid international passport and a valid visa to enter Australia. When you get to the border, you must complete the Incoming Passenger Card.
  3. Hi my 187 nomination for restaurant manager was refused in June 2017 but I’m working there from last 2 years as a restaurant manager can I go for skills assessment and is there any chances of any visa for restaurant managers like 489
  4. authentikate

    Visa Refusal - Do we have any options?

    Hi, My fiance and I are at a loss right now of what steps to take next. I'm hoping that someone here has some kind of insight into what our next move can and should be. For reference, I am a Canadian citizen and my partner is Romanian. He is the primary applicant and is sponsored through his work. I came to Australia almost 4 years ago on a working holiday visa, and my partner came on I believe, a 407 visa or something similar. Some kind of internship, 1 year visa. Yesterday, we were refused an RSMS 187 visa based on the fact that he had not successfully passed the IELTS test until 2 days after the migration agent (that was supplied from his work) had put in the application. While she states that she had no choice but to put in the application at that time due to time constraints, we still had about another 3 weeks remaining on our previous 12 month visa that we were on at the time. She could have waited the 2 days just in case, but told us at the time that it would be fine even if he passed the test after the application was lodged. Obviously, this was not the case. We have been attempting to apply for sponsored visas through my partner's employer for going on 3 years now. Every time we have tried, something has been done incorrectly by various registered migration agents that has further complicated the matter. First, it was a 457 visa submitted under the wrong job heading. We were denied the nomination for that one. Then, upon applying for the 187, we were told to plan our wedding immediately to ensure that they could not say we were not together lawfully. We planned our overseas wedding with all of our family, only to find out months before it that as we were on a Bridging C visa, we are not eligible for a Bridging B visa. While we were granted priority processing in the hopes of making it to our wedding, we still had to cancel everything and lost all money we had put into it. This priority processing led to an accepted nomination, but a sped up refusal. We know have 35(?) days to leave the country and have no idea what to do. The migration agent and his work has suggested that we "go, hang out somewhere for about 6 months" out of country while they reapply for the 187 for another approx. $10,000. We would then come back and try again. It would take another, at this point, 22-25 months to go that route and this is after 6 months of either not working in my partner's country (language barrier) or paying to bring him as my fiance to Canada, where he may not be able to work for up to a year, and then trying to come back. We could just give up and go to Canada, but our life is here after almost 5 years in Australia. This is home. We don't know what to do. We have been told that appealing through the AAT would just be prolonging the inevitable refusal, so it's not worth the attempt. We don't want to spend another 2 years or so just waiting to be refused again. I have also been told through my work that I could apply for the 187 as an office manager, but from what I have read, lately a majority of those have been refused. And it is again, another $10,000 and 22-25 months of waiting and hoping that we are not refused again. Do we have any options? Any insight at all would be appreciated.
  5. Kaye

    On process 187 visa

    Hello everyone, I'd like to share my case here and would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. I'm really in a worst case scenario with my sponsor and I don't have any idea howto get away with her for now. Soo.. I just realized that I'm in a "paying for visa sponsorship" case. Let me start by telling you all that I was logded into a 187 visa and currently hold a BvA while waiting for it to be granted. Now i found out my sponsor is scamming and making me work for free. I'd liketo get away from her dangerous situation right now. Is there any way the immigration will allow me to transition into another visa? i would greatly appreciate any advice, thanks!
  6. Khanw

    Rsms vic region

    Hello folks. Is here any cook in this forum from vic region waiting for their CO allocate or already file in progress. I applied 187 as a cook in oct 16 . Rcb approved in two weeks. Rcb ,nomination and visa all applied on same day . Haven’t heard anything yet from My MA.
  7. sazm2k12

    Changing Employment on a 187 Visa

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but has anybody changed employers on a 187 visa? I have been unhappy in my job from the start and still have another 8 months left to go until I can leave. I know it doesn't sound like its that long but every day is a struggle at the moment and I am very unhappy. I have already worked for my employer for over 2 years in total now. If I found the same job working in the same area does anybody know if I would be permitted to leave or would the new employer have to sponsor me?
  8. Advice needed please. I had my 187 visa granted 3 months ago and was on course to apply for my passport a year on. That has now changed and I will have to remain on my PR visa until such time that I can apply for my passport. My question is : How long can I leave the country for on my 187 visa? I am aware I have the 1 year work commitment. I have spoken with my employer and I will do as much of the work I can remotely and they are happy with that. I want to return to the uk for 6-9months for family reasons. With agreement from my employer and having PR. Should I be concerned about not fulfilling my visa obligations for the duration of my stay in the UK? Will any red flags on my visa be waiting for me on my return to Aus? Should I inform immigration of my intentions? Thanks for your help. Lucy
  9. Hi everyone! I'm in a bit of a pickle really. I was granted my 187 RSMS visa in May 2014. My partner (Aus citizen) and I are now expecting, our baby is due in October. We have decided to move to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to his family, the location of our employment is very remote and it would be difficult to have a newborn here. Also, my employment with my sponsor has been very difficult, I am genuinely concerned for my mental health and how the stress will effect my pregnancy. We have discussed leaving in September, but if my partner finds a good enough job sooner than that, we would like to move sooner. We have no intention of returning once my 1 years unpaid maternity leave is up (but this will see me through the 2 year obligation). I would much rather be away from here sooner! If I continued working until I have completed 12 months with my sponsored employer (a genuine effort to complete the required time?) then terminated my employment with reasonable notice, I'm wondering if it's likely that immigration would cancel my visa? If immigration sees my reasons for leaving as reasonable, I could then get a job on the Sunshine Coast for the last couple of months. I'm so confused and stressed out!! thanks in advance for any advice
  10. Hi, for visa 187 I had my nomination approved in 28/3/2014 and didn't realise I need to submit the visa application within 6 months as we did not use migration agent. And now immigration refused my visa application due to the normination has expired. My employer had contacted immigration and he said we have to start all over again! But I only have 21 days, any advice of what visa I should go for? And with MRT, theyhave no power to change immigration decision because the visa was submitted late. Should I still apply for MRT just to use that bit of time to get everything done again? Am I allowed to re apply the 187 after I had been refused? please advice thanks
  11. Hi. Few month ago i get 457 VISA and now i am in Australia. i get job in Long Jetty NSW. now i hared about RSM(187) VISA and want to apply for that VISA. please give me info when i am eligible to apply for that VISA and (Long Jetty NSW) is a valid place from where i logged Application.
  12. just wondered if anyone out there has left their employer before the 2 year period was up and not had their visa cancelled? , as im led to believe that if you do leave before the 2 year thing diac can cancel a 187 even if you have paid for it yourself ?
  13. quirkyemailaddress

    189 Visa - Without Agent... EXPERIENCES?

    Hi all. I am considering lodging my own 189 application, without an agent. Has anyone else done this successfully? If so, please can you advise on the process? Questions are: 1. Is everything done via the Immi.gov website? 2. Are all documents uploaded digitally? Eg: Criminal check, university certificates - or do you need to send original copies? 3. How long did the process take? 4. What was the total cost? Thanks
  14. gurjinder

    RSMS 187 Australia

    ​Hello, I have done Certiii and DIploma of Buidling and Construction and hold IELTS 7 each, nominated occupation is bricklayer, also have a job offer in western australia, could you please advise if I need any work experience to lodge RSMS. Thanks
  15. grewal

    187 visa

    hi everyone Is someone applied for 187 visa now a days? store manager I applied rcb 2 july 13 rcb approved 3 aug 13 nomination and visa applied 6th aug 13 acknowledgement 6th aug 13 still waiting for case officer please tell me how long they are taking nowadays