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  1. L30GME

    Visa grant for 189

    Congratulations! How exciting ! Just curious what job you have ?
  2. L30GME

    How often did you see family once immigrated?

    I never mentioned anything about being worried - it was just a question
  3. L30GME

    How often did you see family once immigrated?

    Lovely to hear you got to move out in 2017! Was once a year hard or did you both get use to it as time goes on?
  4. Today I have been thinking ‘if we make the move how often will I see my parents’ so I thought I’d come on here and see how often people saw their families once in Australia. obviously everyone’s circumstances are different as some may not be close to parents so rarely see them but others may have close bonds with parents and see a few times a year maybe - again depending on money, work etc.
  5. L30GME

    Medicals for 190 visa

    Thank you
  6. L30GME

    Medicals for 190 visa

    This link no longer works, is there an updated link?
  7. Any news yet Emma? My fingers are crossed for you x
  8. L30GME

    189 skilled visa costs etc

    Thanks for the info, I’m aware of all the costs once we get there etc a lot of our money is in our house so we could have a bit depending on what we decide to do! My main reason for posting was the cost of the visa process (I should have made that clearer)
  9. L30GME

    189 skilled visa costs etc

    Thanks for the info Jsmull87 it is all very useful! Congrats on your visa grant you must be so excited! Did you guys go through an agent for your move??
  10. L30GME

    189 skilled visa costs etc

    Hi guys, We are looking to make the move to Australia in the near future, we are in no rush to make this happen but would like it to happen in the next few years. We have been doing research on how much the whole process could cost and read peoples suggestions of having at least 35k, I know it’s not going to be cheap but I would like to know if anyone would like to share their journey & how much was spent to get everything sorted to get out there. We will be a family of 4 from UK & husband will apply for 189 skilled visa (carpenter) our children under 5. Some costs I have come across are: 189 skilled visa for a family of 4 - 4,310GBP & Full medicals for a family of 4 - 780GBP I know there are additional cost such as skills assessment, white card, police checks, IELTS test, shipping (mostly only tools) - could anyone give any advice on costs for these or anything I may be forgetting. Also can anyone recommend any agents or any recommendations at all which could help us. Thanks in advance
  11. L30GME

    Working in the heat

    I have been wondering how the Brit’s who have immigrated have coped with working outside in the heat?