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  1. February!!!! Oh my god I can’t wait till February! I leave my job on The 24th Dec lol flipping heck I’m praying for next week or early January, who’s your agent xx
  2. Hi all another post about waiting for our visa ha ha I never thought We would still be waiting we are on 167 days today...and feeling totally deflated..I never thought the waiting would be so hard, how’s everyone coping x
  3. Westy123

    Waiting for grant 190

    Hi yes that’s the plan we really want to fly on the 1st jan but still no visa so looking unlikely xx
  4. Westy123

    190 Waiting Time to Hear From CO

    Hi everyone we had anymore grants?? we are now on 165 days no contact no nothing everything is front loaded xx
  5. Westy123

    Waiting for grant 190

    We lodged the 28th June I really hope it’s soon we are ready to go house sold and living in a caravan ha ha xx
  6. Westy123

    Waiting for grant 190

    Hi I still haven’t heard a peep 151 days today, we have front loaded everything xx
  7. Westy123

    Watched pot never boils!

    Hi we lodged the 28th and I’m the same can’t stop looking at immi driving me mad lol
  8. Westy123

    South Australia grants

    So as I’m at home with a poorly boy today I’ve been doing some research worst case for us will be get a grant by 22nd May!!! I bloody hope not the average is 2 November that’s more like it [emoji23][emoji23] that I can live with! I’ve been looking into grants the last 5 for 190 sa that have been granted in September they were all lodged at some point in March....there’s hope yet lol
  9. Westy123

    Waiting for grant 190

    Fingers crossed for you that they upload quickly and you get your grant soon
  10. Westy123

    South Australia grants

    Hi we have never been so have no idea where are going to end up lol it’s all an adventure I just want the visa and then make real plans it all feels like a dream still at the min x
  11. Westy123

    Waiting for grant 190

    Funny u should say this as I had to pester my agent to get our form 80s complete and uploaded as she said the same and I want happy x
  12. Westy123

    South Australia grants

    Hi we have 60 points with state nomination he’s been as electrician for 15 years but we didn’t sit the English exam as we had just enough points without it x
  13. Westy123

    South Australia grants

    Hi we are going on my husbands as well and he is also an electrician xx
  14. Westy123

    South Australia grants

    Hi 190 we are waiting for
  15. Westy123

    South Australia grants

    Hi all I never seem to see to any grants for SA we are on day 105, wondering where they all are or if we are the only people waiting ha ha 6 to 8 month wait so in reality we should not hear until December lodged 28th June [emoji1037]