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  1. saher 1

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Hey everyone, good news came up today, I applied on the 30th December 2018- last month they asked me to submit new police checks and do medical examination again. today they approved my Application and asked to to do the investment. good Luck for all of you Guys.
  2. saher 1

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Thank you ! Hope everything goes well, We did the medical examination today, police checks are ready and also the money in the bank. do you know how long till i get the transfer request after I submit those documents?
  3. saher 1

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    I applied on the 30/12/2018 and last week they requested more information! 1-police reports 2- medical examination to be done again they gave me 28 days to supply them with the documents. does anyone know what to expect after this. t
  4. saher 1

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Wow, such a delay! i’m from Jordan
  5. saher 1

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Hey Everyone, I applied for my 188b visa to Qld in the 30th of December 2018 - done my medical examination and police checks in may 2019 and haven’t heard anything back since then ! Is there anyone here who applied in the same period and his visa was granted?
  6. saher 1

    business investor stream

    I applied in November 2018, I'm currently in Australia holding a bridging visa A but originally from Jordan...
  7. hi, I have recently applied for the investor steam visa subclass 188B. could you please share your experiences regarding the processing time that the visa would take to be granted. best regards.