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  1. Anyone had success being granted COVID 19 Excemption to leave. My husband and I are both dual citizens of Australia and UK and need to return to the UK in July and not return until the end of Nov 2020 on compassionate grounds. I lost my Dad in the UK to Covid 19 in April and had a funeral via zoom. We now need to bury his ashes,deal with his affairs and clear his house and care for my widowed mother in law who is in her 70's. We have applied to Home Affairs online twice, the first time we were rejected due to insufficient information. I deally we want to return and not give up our jobs however we have heard of people being allowed to leave if they say they are not coming back and can show proof of resigning from their jobs and giving up their homes. How has anyone done this? We totally understand and appreciate the Govt not wanting people to move around the World on a whim and the issue of the cost for the quarantine on our return ( we would be happy to contribute to this). However, the lack of information, feedback or policy is very stressful..
  2. yes I used them and their insurance in 2010 to ship half container to Sydney and when stuff was delivered, it took months for payout and lots of emails back and forth and I didn't get a full payout, I wouldn't recommend at all. I'm shipping back again and using OSS this time.