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  1. swc132994

    Melbourne suburbs ranked by liveability 2019

    I know, from what I can see the scores comes from cafes, walkable, culture, public transport, tree cover, retail and crime. My own suburb Warrandyte scored roughly in the middle due to poor public transport and lack of retail but scored higher than the 2015 ranking due to more cafes.
  2. I recently seen there is an updated suburb liveability ranking list posted on Domain and just linking here for anyone interested. https://www.domain.com.au/liveable-melbourne/melbournes-most-liveable-suburbs-2019/melbournes-307-suburbs-ranked-for-liveability-2019-898676/ I must say that I do take these rating with a pinch of salt as liveability can mean different things to different people.
  3. Just a quick note. Tokia Marine seem to be struggling somewhat in the UK and I think they may have closed their Manchester office as after recently calling the Manchester office where my claim was being handled, the number no longer works and had to call the London office instead. I am now having to chase for the claim payout as the person handling the claim has left the company. I also found this article related to Tokio Marine from their own news release dated June 2019. http://www.tokiomarinekiln.com/news-views/news-releases/tokio-marine-group-shifts-tmk-focus-to-lloyd-s-business/
  4. Last update: There were a few damaged goods so we contacted Letton Percival to put forward a claim. The first thing we noticed is that Letton Percival are just a insurance broker with the insurance and claim actually was handled by a company called Tokio Marine. It did take some time for the claim to process but submitting the claim was straight forward. We submitted the shipping paperwork including the delivery note as well as photos with description of the damage and an estimate to replace or repair in Australia.
  5. swc132994

    Recommended builder in and around Warrandyte

    Getting in and out of Warrandyte in the morning is not bad. I work in Hallam and head along Springvale road and it isn't too bad as most people would be heading towards Melbourne. Which areas of Warrandyte are you looking at? Property prices are somewhat high. Take a quick look on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au to see prices for property and also look at past sales to get a feel. Warrandyte is quite a nice place, it is quite leafy and there are there are some good walks along the Yarra river. The town centre is good as it gives Warrandyte a hub which other suburb can lack so it actually feels as though you are part of a town. There is a local IGA which is decent and convenient although some things can be pricey. There are a few doctor surgeries here and other services so a lot of things are conveniently located here including schools. Public transport is ok with frequent busses to get around although three is no train station here so travelling by car is the best option. Overall we are glad we moved here. N.B. Warrandyte is administered by Manningham council, however north Warrandyte is administered by Nilumbik council. Warrandyte is located in a bushfire overlay zone. NBN has just recently arrived in Warrandyte in the west with other areas in Warrandyte planned to be connected later this year.
  6. swc132994

    Recommended builder in and around Warrandyte

    Hello, Sorry for the late response, we have been busy relocating from Brisbane to Warrandyte and only arrived the other week. We haven't done much trekking out yet except for a couple of times at rush hour. I would say it wasn't difficult to get from Warrandyte to the M3 at around 7:30 but I was heading towards Dandenong. I did see a lot of traffic on the opposite side of the road heading towards the city.
  7. Just a another quick update since I have not posted in while. Our goods arrived in the port of Brisbane at beginning of March and thankfully passed quarantine without issue. Unfortunately we were not ready to have our goods delivered since we did not have a house to have our belongings delivered to. In fact, our house hunting did not go well at all and the after staying in temporary accommodation for a few months and getting nowhere with a house and not enjoying Brisbane we have decided to give Melbourne a try instead. We have just purchased a house and waiting for the settlement date in August. It is a shame really as I found work in Brisbane after only a couple of weeks although the Brisbane climate and culture hasn't rubbed off on my wife. Anyway back to the main point we are now moving our undelivered belonging to Melbourne with Allied Pickfords and extending our insurance with Letton Percival. We really hope all is going to work out for the best this time round.
  8. Hello, We have just purchased a house in Warrandyte. However before we take possession we want to contact a couple of builders for quoting some renovation work. No extensions at this stage more of a reconfiguring of the current plan, meaning knocking down some walls and re-purposing some rooms. Does anyone have a recommended builder I could contact? Best regards,
  9. swc132994

    Anyone know good conveyancing solicitors in Melbourne

    Thank you for the recommendation. I have engaged Mountain conveyancing for our house purchase.
  10. swc132994

    Anyone know good conveyancing solicitors in Melbourne

    Thanks for this. I will check them out.
  11. Hello, We are looking into purchasing a property in Warrendyte but first we want to have a conveyancer lined up. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Steven
  12. Just thought I would check in and update. We arrived in Brisbane just over a week ago, I will be in touch soon with the movers handing our goods on this side. In the meantime we now have to wait until about mid March when our container will arrive. We went with Letton Percival for insurance despite unfriendly notices from PSS to take theirs instead. We were quite detailed in everything we listed for the insurance just to be on the safe side, a lot more work but probably worth it if anything does happen. We are hoping to secure a property by the time the container arrives to have a place to move our belongings into.
  13. We didn't get a quote from PSS in the end. We were advised that we could insure individual items or everything. But from reading these forums we decided not to even try the all under one roof solution as others have had headaches if items were damaged. At least with our insurer they wanted everything to be covered. For the whole house (3 bed house) contents minus work tools cost just over £1000. Best regards,
  14. Thanks I am really annoyed with them with this scare tactic. I guess they are hoping I will just go with their insurance instead, how pathetic. Best regards,
  15. I might as well mention that the shipping company we are using are PSS international and insured using Letton Percival. Up until this point the service from PSS has been overall good and I picked them over other shippers as other members on this forum have had positive experiences using them. Did anyone else have this experience?