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  1. rachel smith

    Should we move to UK

    hi there, A tad confused re being a Permanent Resident. I have lived in Oz for 40 years and have never applied for citizenship. I can leave the country for up to five years and if I wish to continue keeping my PR I need to return to update my PR status. Why does your husband need to return each year?
  2. rachel smith


    Thanks for replying and info. I am referring to the Australian Disability Pension. I can return and continue receiving my Australian on indefinitely. BUT as I said it does mean I could lose it as it is a case of filling out various forms and have a complete overhaul. I am not eligible for the UK Pension as it has been many years since I last worked there (27 years of age). Regarding housing, fortunately, I can stay with my brother in Cornwall so have a base to start from. My latest thoughts - save enough money (at least £1000.00) to return to the UK and once I am there I can begin with the process. I have collected a number of sites that have been excellent and also spoken to various UK departments who have advised I am not eligible for the pension but can apply for ..... (sorry forgotten what words they used - have written it down somewhere just don't know where right now. Being the type of person that I am I will probably return and once established begin the process of how I can survive over there. I will be eligible for the Australian Pension once turn 65 or is it 67 now. It keeps changing. But that is 21/2 years away. One thing I have discovered is how costly it is to bring my dog with me. Approx $5000. That has thrown me and unsure what to do about it. for now, I am just continuing with my research and once enough info collected make my decision. All I know for sure is that I will return and hopefully sometime earlish 2019. Wish me luck. Cheers Rachel.
  3. rachel smith


    Hello everyone, I have just joined this forum and have found it very helpful. My current issue is that my desire to return back home in the uk is overwhelming. I went over in 2014 after a 33-year absence. I could not believe the effect it had on me. The moment I landed at Heathrow I felt 'complete' and since returning have thought of nothing else. But I have told myself numerous times that I have left it too late. Then a couple of weeks ago I thought 'left what too late—I am still alive'. I am 63 years of age and have been on the Disability Pension for the last 10 years. Centrelink advised that I could return to the UK and continue receiving my pension indefinitely. But (there is always a but) it means I could lose my DSP and have to reapply all over again if I failed. They said most people decide to go no further due to all the hassle and paperwork involved. But I am so unhappy where I live (Social Housing) and the thought of 'this is it' for the rest of my life sends me to a very dark space. I do have family and relatives in the UK and very close to my brother who lives in Cornwall and is a great support. My question is does anyone know of a free legal service of some kind who can help people like myself to go through all the paperwork and reapplying (I presume I will need to) for the DSP as I cannot claim the UK pension as I have not worked there for such a long time. I am aware I have a long road ahead and it is not going to be a cruise but need someone I can turn to when unsure what is required. So if there is anyone who knows of a possible advocate/lawyer type person and could lead me in the right direction I would much appreciate it. Cheers - Rachel