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  1. Barrywelsh

    EOI to invite to apply-how long?

    If I were you I’d contact a decent migration agent and figure out your options- I used Concert Australia in Manchester , Steve Hall - he was really good
  2. Barrywelsh

    EOI to invite to apply-how long?

    Yes a 489 regional means I can only work regional for 2 years, then I automatically can apply for my 887 which gives me PR. Usually now days getting sponsorship is pretty difficult. A few years back they were pretty common but the Australian government made it more expensive and more restrictions, but I’m sure after two years sponsorship they you get a more permanent visa. Asmirt are pretty strict with the amount of general and CT you do after qualification. I know one radiographer who they refused as they went straight into Mri after qualification. Are you a Sonographer? Where is your sponsorship?
  3. Barrywelsh

    EOI to invite to apply-how long?

    Hi Laura, I went via the 489 state sponsor route which the number of points is not really taken into account providing you get more than the minimum they require. Are you applying for 189? I got my invite and received my visa in Feb this year, hoping to fly out in October
  4. Barrywelsh

    Bridging visa after 489

    Hi....I wondered after satisfying living in a regional area for two years under the 489 visa, you can then apply for the 887 visa. i believe when you apply for the 887 visa you are automatically granted a bridging viisa. Does the bridging visa have same restrictions as the 489 e.g living & working in a regional area ?
  5. We are moving out to Australia this year and initially we will rent. I wondered what the process would be in terms of getting a mortgage on a 489 visa? We have three properties in the Uk and if we sold one we would have a decent amount for a deposit.
  6. We applied for a 489 visa on 7th October and received notification from a case officer asking us to submit medical and Police certificate on 15 December. We have submitted everything on 4th January and the medical status is ‘no further action’, does this mean we have passed? Any idea how long until we receive the grant?
  7. Barrywelsh

    Has anyone flew a pug to Aus?

    Hi Bob, thats great news, I’m pretty sure we will go for it then. I previously had a quote from Joanne, I’ve sent her an email yesterday with adding some extra options. thanks
  8. Barrywelsh

    Has anyone flew a pug to Aus?

    Ok thanks Bob. we are giving it some serious thought at the moment and we are trying to estimate the risk. He is in good health but will be 9 at the time of departure, based on your experience would you hazard to guess as to the risk of a problem happening? E.g 25% risk?
  9. Barrywelsh

    Existing eye problem

    Hi, From what I’ve read and researched over the last few months, medical conditions are assessed firstly on risk to public e.g hiv, tb and secondly on cost to Australia government. This is generally assessed over the length of the visa, so I’d be very surprised if it’s a problem, as technically your visa is classed as temporary. i would get a specialist report from your specialist, detailing prognosis and as much information as possible. all the best
  10. Barrywelsh

    Has anyone flew a pug to Aus?

    Ok thanks for the advice, I’d love to take him but my head tells me he’d be better off staying in the Uk.
  11. Barrywelsh

    Has anyone flew a pug to Aus?

    We are trying to decide whether to take our 8 year old pug with us, or should we leave him with family? has anyone been in this position before? How did they handle the flight/heat?
  12. Barrywelsh

    489 visa health requirement

    Does anyone know if the 489 regional sponsorship visa is assessed as a perm visa or as a temporary visa in terms of the health requirement? the PIC4005 indicates the health requirement is assessed over the length of visa, but I have also read that 489 provisional visas are assessed as perm.
  13. Barrywelsh

    Medical Type 1 Diabetes

    Thanks for your reply. yes I had contacted George Lombard and got an email from a member of his staff who suggested that the average diabetic without complications cost around $4000 per year. This would be assessed until age 68. Hence going well over the $40000 threshold. I’m just a bit confused as I have read on various forums that people have passed without issue.
  14. Barrywelsh

    Medical Type 1 Diabetes

    Hi, I just wondered if any diabetics have successfully passed the medical? - for a 189/190/489 visa The reason I ask is that I have had conflicting advice. I was under the impression from my agent who said that it will not cause an issue unless you have complications. I have contacted another agent who is well known in the medical side of migration and I received email from his assistant stating that Type 1 diabetes cost approx $4000 per year and is assessed on a lifetime estimate. This obviously takes it over $40000 and a fail. This means no diabetics should ever pass - i know this is not the case from what I have read on here. Thanks
  15. Barrywelsh

    Queensland nominated 489

    Hi Kerry, i got the EOI notification last week, completed the state nomination application by Friday and had the official nomination and notification to apply on Tuesday this week.