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  1. stokie123

    UK Business - visa options

    Thank you Marisa! You are right - I’m going to leave it to the migration agent and sponsor to sort out now. We are a bit further down the line with the process since my original post and looks like we have a solution that will work for all parties.
  2. stokie123

    UK Business - visa options

    It never fails to amaze me how people are literally looking to humiliate wherever possible. The first post was a general post about the TSS visa and finding a sponsor. This post was a question specific to the fact that we now have a sponsor and the subsequent options we now have based on the specific situation my sponsor is in. This whole process is stressful enough, please don’t attempt to belittle my attempts to reach out to you all for advice as a community. If you find my post irritating then don’t waste your time reading or answering.
  3. stokie123

    UK Business - visa options

    Hi All, I work for a UK company operating in the IT software industry. They have an increased amount of interest from Australian and NZ clients wanting to purchase their product and have sold to several large companies already. They are struggling, however, to support the product or build on sales without someone experienced on the ground. They are aware that I am looking to emigrate to Australia and would like to somehow send me over there to setup a new branch of the business and run the sales and implementation projects over that side of the world. I have product and industry knowledge in the specialist area they operate in and so far they have not been able to employ anyone in Australia that is qualified to do the job (tried and failed). My question is - what, if any, are my options to obtain a visa? key facts: - I'm senior but not yet director level - The company has no Australian business setup yet - The company has a significant investor/shareholder in the form of an Australian company (could be a 482 sponsor?) - My skills are on the MLTSSL Thanks S
  4. stokie123

    TSS visa - Employer sponsorship

    Thanks everyone for the honest -and detailed advice. It doesn’t come as surprise that we are being told we are very optimistic thinking we can secure sponsorship short notice. I have, however, bitten the bullet and spoken to my current employer who have recently bought out two large Australian companies and have expressed my interest in relocation with them. It’s a risk telling my employer about our wishes but it’s ones worth taking if it pays off considering I’m senior level in my company currently. In the meantime I’m submitting my EOI for a 189 as I’ve already got my IELTS and skills test done. We are just not quite at the points we need right now for my skill (70 points but need 75) so not sure how long we’d need to wait or if we’d ever get in now. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster this emigration business!!!!
  5. Hi All, We've planned a move to Australia for a year now which was triggered by my husbands employer wanting to relocate him to the Melbourne office of the company. Our plan was to move on a TSS visa and then apply for PR after a few years. We've spent thousands of pounds and months of stress getting a court order to allow us to emigrate with my daughter (visa required evidence her biological father is absent) only for my husbands company to go through a sudden takeover and now all relocation plans have been frozen indefinitely due to company restructure. We are absolutely devastated as we were at advanced stages of the visa application process and excited about the move. To add to the complication, our court order has a deadline of the 1st June to move to Australia otherwise it is void and we have to start again and get a new court order. This leaves no time for applying for PR visas which are notoriously competitive, admin heavy (skills tests etc) with long processing times. My skills are on the MLTSSL (ICT Business Analyst/Systems Analyst) and my husband's are on the STSOL (ICT Business Development) and there are hundreds of jobs advertised in Melbourne/Victoria for our skills. I have spoken to recruitment agencies about getting sponsorship myself but many are not all that interested in putting forward overseas candidates even if the positions have remained unfilled for months. I've applied for jobs directly with companies and been up front about requiring sponsorship but I've had no interest yet. I'm networking and spending every evening researching companies and contacting them directly. Do you think we should travel to Oz and try and line up interviews to meet employers face to face? What more can we do to improve our chances of finding a sponsor? Any advice would be appreciated. I am fully expecting you all to say our expectations are unrealistic but we need to exhaust all avenues before giving up surely! Many thanks, S
  6. stokie123

    Moving to Oz - the emotional rollercoaster

    Thank you everyone, your replies mean a lot and have made me get a grip and start thinking about the amazing positives ahead. Love to you all ?
  7. Hi Everyone, We finally decided at the beginning of this year, after years of discussion, to emigrate to Australia (Melbourne). Since then it’s been an absolute roller coaster of emotions. All the key motivations to emigrating are still there and I've spent the past 6 months creating cost analysis for moving and living, we have money saved, we have jobs lined up etc and we have friends and family Melbourne waiting to support us when we arrive. However, it’s been so so hard getting to this point. Visas, jobs, research, removals, schools etc - its been so exhausting and we had many moments where we thought the whole thing might fall through. Our lives have literally been taken over with it. Our family (none of whom live in the UK) all support us now but getting to that point was really hard as they all took it really badly to begin with. We still get the guilt trips now even though they know that long term it’s the best thing for us as a family. I've also had to go to court to get an order allowing us to move with my daughter (her father is absent) which has been really draining and costly. Our move date is approaching (September) and I'm mentally/emotionally exhausted and have run out of any enthusiasm or excitement for the move. I'm just filled now with dread and anxiety that something is going to go wrong or the children won’t settle or we won’t like it! I guess my reason for posting is to find out whether anyone else felt like this? Is this normal for such a big move? I've lived in 4 different countries in my life but this is the first move abroad with children (10 years and 3 years) so it'd made me far more anxious. ? Would love to hear your own thoughts and stories. Thank you! S
  8. Hi All, We are moving to Melbourne in October - arranged by my employer - and I'm trying to get organised well in advance for rental accommodation. We are looking at living in the Eastern outer suburbs but wont settle on an area straight away until we have been to them in person. We have 2 children so we want to be settled in a home as soon as possible so that schools can be arranged. My questions are: 1. What paperwork/references will we need to provide to the letting agents? 2. What do you normally have to put down upfront before renting (fees? deposit? - what are the deposit rules? (in UK its normally 1.5 x monthly rent in deposit)) 3. Is the rental market aggressively competitive? Will we struggle finding a home? I have looked online and there seem to be lots of properties for rent so I am hoping its not too bad! 4. How secure is renting? We have had such a nightmare in the UK renting where we've had to move every 2 years with little notice due to the landlords change in circumstances (selling the house, giving it to their own children, wanting to massively increase the rent or do renovation while we are living there)? We want to feel we can settle in a home without the constant threat of having to move. Many thanks in advance. ?
  9. Hi there, I think you are right - we will need to give in and get agent advice on this! I'm going to look to get some recommendations! Thank you!
  10. Hi All, I've spent a vast amount of time trying to understand my eligibility for points based visas (189/190). I'm an ICT professional (systems analyst (Long term skills shortage list MLTSSL)) with just under 8 years professional experience. I have a degree but it is not ICT related. Based on the ACS skills assessment they will need to use the first 6 years of my employment history to just qualify by skills. Only the experience AFTER this 6 years will count towards points. I can see that you can only get points for more than 3 years experience. Therefore, I am feeling very deflated that my original 15 points that I presumed I would get has decreased to '0'. Based on this I am starting to feel like I might only be left with 60 points (even after IELTS high English scores) and everything I have read online suggests the waiting time for invitation is long and may very well never happen. Has anyone else had experience with this situation? Would the fact that my skills are on the MLTSSL make me more desirable or is that just wishful thinking? Many thanks!
  11. stokie123

    Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    Thank you for this, cant wait to do some research on these
  12. Thanks so much for this feedback.
  13. stokie123

    Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    Thanks Amber! I've been spending my evenings on the property sites which I am secretly addicted to Its just nice to be able to specify a few areas to understand the realistic costs. We rent at the moment in the UK and would do so to begin with in Melbourne and Iooking at costs so far haven't been significantly different to the rent we pay here when converting everything (including salary) into $AUS. We pay £1800 GBP per month for a 4 bed property here in the UK (AUS$3300 per month). I'll check out Blackburn too - and I agree with you that Sandringham looks really nice from the information I have read and pictures I have seen. Its also at the end of a train line so guaranteed a seat when commuting which would be a novelty after 4 years of Southern rail standing for an hour at a time
  14. stokie123

    Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    Thanks Amber, this is all good information! I live in a very busy area of Sussex at the moment with a crazy amount of traffic and overpopulation. As I will be commuting for work I don't have unrealistic dreams of a semi-rural life so suburbs are ok for me - I just want to have a bit more breathing space and some easy access to green spaces with the children. I've heard good things about Mitcham and Bundoora and for beach side - Sandringham? I have friends living in Werribee and they seem happy there.
  15. stokie123

    Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    Thank you for this!