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  1. CVS

    186 visa

    Hi Congrats on your grant! Wonder if you can clarify something, we're looking at 186 but I thought you had to have a job offer to be eligible? How did you have a job offer open for a year? Did you got to Australia on a Business ETA to get a job? Thanks for any advice you can offer!
  2. CVS

    New changes! :-0 HELP!

    Hi We've just spoken to our immigration agent and it looks like the subclass 186 is the only option ie getting a sponsored job offer... as a nurse I'd have thought they'd be fighting over you! You need to get a min 2 year contract and then you can get a permanent visa... Unfortunately family sponsorship is now 80 points and the sponsorship bit only gets you 10 points so you'd have to start with 70... Best of luck to you!
  3. CVS

    New changes! :-0 HELP!

    Hi It's just rubbish isn't it! I'm in the same boat, brother in Perth and want to live nearby, we can only scrape 60 points, I'm hoping our immigration agent will manage to magic some solution, if I think the advice will help you I'll certainly pass it on! Try not to let it get you too down but I know it's really, really hard.
  4. CVS

    Positive Skills Assessment

    Hi Does anyone know if you can use your positive skills assessment from ACS to submit an NZ EOI? Points increases for Oz are making it impossible for us, time for plan B! Gutted is an understatement!
  5. CVS

    AASW skills assessment processing times...!

    Great that you have another option, we don't at the moment ? … fingers are crossed!
  6. CVS

    AASW skills assessment processing times...!

    We lodged our EOI today but at the same time our immigration agent has now said that Far South NSW are asking for 65 points not 60.... hoping July's new figures will bring better news not worse... am I being naïve?!!
  7. CVS

    AASW skills assessment processing times...!

    Excellent news! Congratulations, we also got ours about 2 weeks ago! Next step EOI.
  8. CVS

    EOI Far South NSW

    Best of luck with your application ☺
  9. CVS

    EOI Far South NSW

    50... We need to wind the clock back a few years to sneak a few more points!
  10. CVS

    EOI Far South NSW

    Thanks, we'll see what transpires, I'm open-minded! When we spoke to our immigration agent a couple of months ago 489 Far South NSW was the only option for us but if SA opens up I'd prefer that! The job situation does concern me but I'm trying to remain positive! Let's see what July brings!.
  11. CVS

    EOI Far South NSW

    We don't have an alternative.... we're open minded to alternative employment. What are you going for if not this option?
  12. CVS

    EOI Far South NSW

    Hi We've recently had a positive skills assessment back from ACS so now onto submitting our EOI, has anyone submitted an EOI for a 489 Far South NSW? I'm trying to gauge the length of wait we're in for! TIA
  13. CVS

    Far South NSW

    Morning, It seems we're at about the same stage in the whole process, we're waiting for my husband's skills assessment to come back, it's such a long old process!! Really hope you get yours back soon, 6 months is an age! We have 2 kids, nearly 4 and 6 1/2 so in the same boat as you! It's all a bit daunting but great to hear from people going through it and those that have been through it! My main worry is finding work that can support us but according to our immigration agent you just need to work, it doesn't need to be in the field you are applying in (which seems odd to me!). I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself because it can be a bit exasperating! As you say we have to let it take its natural course! Fingers crossed you get some news soon! Have a great Monday.
  14. CVS

    Far South NSW

    Interesting! Thank you v much for your input, much appreciated! Thank you! Really appreciate your response, may pick your brains further down the visa process! Have a great weekend.
  15. CVS

    Far South NSW

    Hi, how are you getting on with the whole process?! It's so hard to know where to go and what to do! I think Nowra will be a good starting point! Are you moving with kids? Let's keep in touch! :-)