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  1. No you can not. You must fly into another state and then you can enter Victoria after 14 days quarantine. There is no requirement to quarantine again in Victoria
  2. I booked Kabul- Sydney and I also called their number in Australia sorry. He already arrived last night. I have found you their Karachi number +9221111225535
  3. Congratulations Marium, I’m so happy for you and the others that recently got their visas. I recently booked a ticket for my husband by calling Emirates directly. They found me a date that was not available online and it was also cheaper than a flight that I had found. Where are you flying from and to which city?
  4. Immigration had actually made an incorrect decision on our case, deeming it as an invalid marriage. Our case was rejected and then we appealed it to the Appeals system and had the decision overturned. We waited over a year just for immigration to contact us for further documents to make a decision on our case. About 2-3 months ago my partner had received an interview from Immigration (I don’t remember the exact time). Last month we were contacted for updated identity documents and received the grant today Alhamdulilah.
  5. Obviously not true. Our case officer had contacted us about a month ago or longer to get my partners documents updated so they’ve working on cases. I hope you get it soon, I never thought our day would come.
  6. Hi All, My partner has just been granted his permanent visa today. I got an email of grant an hour ago. May Allah grant your spouses visas soon inshallah to be united with your families. Amin.
  7. I received an email after the phone call with the details. It’s been a longg wait
  8. Hi Everyone, I’ve applied from Afghanistan for a spouse visa. Today I received a call from Dubai maybe an hour ago saying that they only require my updated passport as mine has expired. It’s been a long time since I applied.. so you guys think they will provide the visa soon?
  9. Hi I’ve got the same story to yours, But my partner was contacted by the department about 2 weeks ago and we are still in the process of obtaining PCC and medical.
  10. Thanks for your response, did she receive it 2 weeks after completing medical and police checks? Did they also ask for any other documents?