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    Does my dog HAVE to be quarantined?

    Hi is there any way at all I would be able to fly my dog over and get him straight out the other side? Thinking of him in quarantine is gut wrenching and I can' bare to think of him in doggy prison ?
  2. Jademint1

    Emigrating to Secret Harbour Perth

    Thanks for your reply. what suberb did you end up liking? I will definitely do that temp accommodation sounds a great way to get a feel for all the areas! I gues there's only so much research you can do from half way around the world. We need to experience it. Thanks again.
  3. Jademint1

    Emigrating to Secret Harbour Perth

    Hi yes he will be working in the Rockingham area. Athough for the right suberb he wouldn't mind traveling. He does an hour commute where we live in the UK now. Thanks for your reply!
  4. Jademint1

    Emigrating to Secret Harbour Perth

    Haha I like you humor Thank you!
  5. Hi all thank you for taking the time out to look at my comment, we will be emigrating to Perth from UK in August of this year and we're currently looking for great family suburb's to live in for my 3 young children which is close to the beach and affordable. So far we've narrowed it down to a few places and Secret Harbour keeps popping up. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on what it's like for young families here? What is the crime like? Is it safe to walk from the beach to your home? We are an active outdoors family. Any suggestions or insight would be really appreciated. We are going to rent for a couple of months and then buy hopefully near to our rental house so the children wont have to be moved around to much. Thanks again for reading this thread Jade x