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  1. Just tell your husband to be prepared for a phone interview too. One of my friend was advised the same but instead they called her. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  2. Thank you! InshaAllah you will get yours soon Interview normally is expected after 5 months And if your case is not complicated, you should expect to get your visa between 8-12 months. Given that your interview is done before that. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  3. Thanks! [emoji846] From Lahore , Pakistan online application Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  4. Good News everyone ! Alhamdulillah got my visa today!! Took 9 months & 5 days Timelime: Lodge date: 2nd Nov 2016 Interview: 18th April 2017 Granted: 07th August 2017 I pray that all of you get the visa Soon inshallah Im sure its not far away Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  5. In my case it was around 2:15 pm in the afternoon. I guess it can be anytime. Just keep note of if their working hours. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  6. Hello everyone i just updated the forum tracker. So far i had been following multiple forums to see whats going on especially with Pakistani applicants. My Timeline: Applicant: Female Lodge date: 02 Nov 2016 Medical: 17 Nov 2016 Interview: 18 April 2017 As of now its 8 months 17 days & still waiting Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz