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  1. Also, they will ask for herpolice clearance (character certificate), it has an address onto it as well and it is given by local police station. How will you arrange that.. just keep these things in mind just in case.
  2. Oh in that case, you will be ok. Just prepare any proof of your move from old address to respond if asked about it.
  3. Yes, it will be an issue. Having the same residential address on NIC means you both share a house or she stays at the same place in Pakistan where you live when you travel. You should have or i should say “must” change the residential address and make it same for both of you when you apply a new NiC with you as her husband.. im sure you applied for a new NiC after you change her marital status in Nadra’s records, didnt you?
  4. Which affidavit are you asking about? Have you been requested two affidavits from pakistan?
  5. Based on current average, normally one should expect any progress or interview call between 6 to 8 months after the date of lodgement. Your husband’s application is only been lodged two months ago, so you might have to wait.
  6. You do not need a visa sticker on your passport anymore, print your grant letter and provide it to the airline staff at the check in counters and immigration officers at an Australian airport (upon your arrival).
  7. AsimMalik

    Subclass 100

    Hi everyone, My wife recently got her partner visa subclass 309, she landed yesterday, so along with our planning for a future together, we are hoping to do everything by the books and be ready for subclass 100. We will be eligible to apply for subclass 100 on 22nd February 2019. I have plenty of questions and confusion about it. 1) applicant got her 309 visa with help of an immigration agent. He got the immi account through which she got her visa. Now, if we decide to apply the subclass 100, can we do it ourself? Do we need to create a new immi account or it will go through the same immi account?? 2) we submitted Form 888 with our sublcass 309 application, will it be used for subclass 100 too? What if we want to use different Form 888 for next stage? 3) we had a joint bank account for 309 visa, she is here in Australia now, do we need to have a joint account here too? Also having her on a rental lease as a partner helps? Sharing bills under her name? We will highly appreciate if anyone can answer these questions, Regards, Asim
  8. Thank you All, I wish everyone all the best, it took us almost 11 months, so it is a bit of a wait but eventually it will pay off and you will get your grant. All the best everyone..
  9. Visa granted this morning, DoL: 22nd February 2017, DoI: 05 October 2017 Additional docs submitted: 25th October 2017 Visa granted: 16th January 2018.
  10. It is complicated, mostly reminders help when case officers have already made up their mind and are holding final verdict for some reason. But mostly they will take their standard average time regardless of how many reminders you give unless your case is fairly straight forward. I have seen people (including me) of giving them reminders and still no progress and have seen people calling once or emailing once and get their visa grants instantly. It is just not easy to say. I have also noticed, privately made applications directly by applicants without involving agents are processed faster and kind of given first priority. So its just complicated.
  11. They got an automatic reply, telling you the average processing time as well as telling you to call if your wait is over the given standard time. And if you continue to stay on the phone to talk to someone, it just keeps ringing and no one picks it up. Email’s the best bet, but they reply after 7 days with a standard response of official processing time and that you will be contacted if need be. Im close to 11 months now and no response whatsoever. DOL: 22 Feb 2017 DOI: 05 Oct 2017 Additional docs submitted: 25 Oct 2017 Grant: just wait and wait and wait...
  12. Great, what additional docs were requested by case officer on 3rd Jan?