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  1. Hi, I am going to lodge my PR application before this weekend and need urgent help/suggestion with a few things: 1. I am a PhD from UNSW, Australian and I have claimed 5 points for meeting Australian Study Requirement and 5 points for Specialist Education Qualification in my EOI. Now I need to furnish documents against these claims. My question: Is my PhD degree award along with transcripts sufficient for each of these requirements? If not, what else should I include? 2. Do I need to fill and attach form 80 and 1221 as a part of additional character requirements? Are these forms compulsory and must be uploaded at the time of lodgement? 3. Regarding character requirement, the border.gov.au website says that "Do not arrange for police certificates until we ask you to" but people have told me that they will definitely ask for police certificates at the time of visa decision and hence you should provide it upfront along with the PR application in order to save visa processing time at the later stage. Some have suggested me that provide police certificates even without waiting for their email asking for it. What should I do? Should I just apply for police certificates before I lodge my application? Any clarification regarding these points will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Regards, Pradeep
  2. Pradeep Maheshwari

    Need help with PR (subclass 189) application

    Thanks. That is what I expected. Barry totally got me when he used the word "after". By the way, does anyone know if the police verification from Australia takes time? I have lived in Australia for quite a long time (~ 5 years).
  3. Pradeep Maheshwari

    Need help with PR (subclass 189) application

    Yes. Thank you. I got that. Could you please confirm if what Barry1986 said is right? Is there a restriction (or a wait) before I can enter into Australia after the Visa is granted? I am planning to go soon after I have the visa. I need to join a job at the earliest.
  4. Pradeep Maheshwari

    Need help with PR (subclass 189) application

    What? I didn't get that. I have to wait for 12 months to enter into Australia after the Visa has been granted? This can't be true!!!!
  5. Pradeep Maheshwari

    Need help with PR (subclass 189) application

    Hi there, Thanks for the reply. I got your point. I think I read that line incorrectly and thought the TRF should be uploaded right before an invitation is sent to apply for this visa. But they were actually talking about the English exam. Another thing, medical check-ups need to be done after lodging the visa or before? And, Police verification only if I am asked to do so (after lodging the visa)? Regards, Pradeep
  6. Pradeep Maheshwari

    Need help with PR (subclass 189) application

    Hi, I submitted my EOI on 19/02/2017. My points tally was 65. I believe no documents (supporting my point claims) can be uploaded along with EOI in SKillSelect. These documents will be uploaded in my ImmiAccount when I apply for the visa. Is that right? Now, I have been reading the official webpage of DIBP to check for the documents required. I got confused with the following section: [h=3]Evidence of English language ability – Invited applicant[/h]Evidence that at time of invitation you had at least Competent English. If you are relying on English language testing then provide a copy of your test results from a specified English language test undertaken in the three years immediately before you were invited to apply for this visa. What does it mean by "immediately before you were invited to apply for this visa" ? When and where exactly I need to upload a copy of my TRF? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pradeep
  7. Pradeep Maheshwari

    So.. I appealed my IELTS and got the result back.

    Been through a similar situation. I needed 7 band in each module. Appeared for the exam without any prep and the result was: L = 8, R = 8.5, W = 7, S = 6.5. I thought in case I get stuck, it would be in the writing part but to my surprise, I got stuck in the speaking part. However I was confident that my speaking went well to score at least a 7. So I requested a recheck for the speaking part. Waited for 8 full weeks and the result made my day. My speaking was increased to 7 and hey, got the money back as well