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  1. Thanks for the speedy response. The price is actually ok but it's more the customs paperwork and procedure we are concerned about. We are currently sitting in a Vietnamese bar so shipping extra stuff with us isn't an option... we shall be arriving with 2 rucksacks!
  2. My wife and I are slowly making our way across South East Asia on our way to relocating to Adelaide. Most of our goods are being shipped via movecube as we speak but we have a 30kg box of essentials we want to ship via airmail. Does anyone know how customs would work in this way as the good are unaccompanied personal effects? Everything is over one year old. Severnseas sorted all the paperwork for the Movecube so we are unsure what we need to do. The parcel is currently at a friend's house in the UK. Many thanks for any help in advance.
  3. Badgrammars

    Any suggestions as to how to send rolex watches?

    That's a very good point. Thanks
  4. Afternoon all My wife and I have just been granted our 189 visa. We shall be moving to Adelaide in January 2018. On route, we are planning 1 month each in Thailand and Vietnam. Alongside this, we are sending our goods via ship as we leave the UK. My parents gifted us very expensive rolexes a year or so ago. We do not want to take these through SE Asia. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get them to Australia? There are 2 man considerations: Insurance and tax. We are also air freighting an emergency package to some local friends. Any help greatly appreciated... we are stuck. Thanks
  5. Badgrammars

    189 visa processing times increased

    Just a quick note to say Zoe and I received our 189 grant this morning. I am a secondary school teacher. We lodged late March with all docs frontloaded. Our visa was granted 10 August. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. Badgrammars

    189 visa teacher and Ielts

    I did something similar. I was previously an English Teacher but retrained and now work as a barrister. To apply as a lawyer, one needs to complete some transitional training so I would not have been able to appy for a 189 visa for another year (there are numerous other considerations but this is a very brief summary). As a result, I applied for a skills assessment as a teacher but will practise as a barrister. There is no need to work in the industry or profession that you apply as; it is simply a means to access the visa.
  7. Badgrammars

    189 visa processing times increased

    Does anyone know when the processing time begins? Is it at final lodgement, expression of interest, medicals etc? Thanks
  8. Badgrammars

    Solicitor applying for VISA 189. Skills assessment

    Thanks for the information Lawyergal. That does seem a lot of subjects to do with your experience. Were you focused purely upon employment law? Did you do a full LLB in the UK or convert? Further, do you do the courses online at CD university? Sorry for the questions but any help is so gratefully received!
  9. Badgrammars

    Solicitor applying for VISA 189. Skills assessment

    Hello all First, I have found this thread incredibly useful so thank you to all contributors. I am currently just about to complete pupillage at a common law set in UK with a focus on company, general chancery and, bizarrely, quite a bit of crime. I graduated from my LLB in 2014, finished Bar School in 2015 and was fortunate to immediately gain pupillage for which I am about to complete. Though this may sound a little optimistic, I would also hope to be accepted as a tenant in chambers. My wife and I are about to pull the trigger and initiate a move to Oz. I am, fortunately, less concerned than I may have been about visa requirements as I believe my previous career as a secondary school teacher should still be valid to achieve a 189 visa. I am, however, concerned about the number of academic subjects I may be forced to complete in order to gain a practising certificate. Does anyone have any experience about moving over from the UK bar? I am a little unclear as to whether post-qualification experience may be taken into account when assessing Academic subjects when one is yet to fall into the exemption category of +7 years PQE. For example, I did not study company law in the UK during my LLB yet I have spent almost 1/3 of my pupillage untangling complicated shareholder disputes; resolving partnership problems and applying for the compulsory winding up of companies. Further, I note that several members (particularly @ Libbyyella and @ racman) are studying at UNU. I wondered if to comply with the constitutional Priestley 11 requirement you had to do both constitutional modules or only one? Is this also the case for the other wider units (equivalent of 6 modules in other non-award universities)? If anyone has studied any of the academic course online at UNU, I would appreciate some comments on their experience of the process. Many thanks