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  1. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    My visa has been accepted and I've booked my travel insurance with gowalkabout!! So excited - becoming so real!!
  2. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    That's so good price wise!! I think ill be more excited when my visa gets accepted I'm so nervous too!!!
  3. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    Thank you for your help! Just want my visa to come through now but I expect it to be a month or so before its accepted!
  4. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    I'm all booked! My boyfriend got his visa through within a minute and I'm still waiting for mine. Unfortunately, I think its because I had to tick "have you ever worked for the military service, police service" etc Do you know why this is or how long I'd roughly be waiting?
  5. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    I am fairly experienced in hospitality, but would you advise getting a RSA certificate?
  6. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    Ah, thank you. I think GoWalkabout was the first insurance company I checked. That's good to know though. I will definitely have a look at Gumtree - hadn't heard of it until looking at this forum! Thank you for your help!
  7. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    I'm going to be using Sky Scanner also! Hoping to go from Heathrow to Sydney around the 2nd of February as I get back from a 3 week holiday in Thailand on the 29th Jan! Prices are looking to be about £480!! I'm going to book all my tickets and Vsa on Tuesday evening before prices get higher and so its enough time for my Visa to get accepted incase they want to send me for a medical or something like that! I am so excited and scared!! Hahaha
  8. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    Oh, don't! I have been going through so many comparison sites and companies!! I have no idea what one to go with. I've seen that some people are struggling as they don't have a return ticket - which I wont! I don't want to be spending loads as I'm quite the tight arse but I still want good cover The best priced one I've seen is on Alpha Insurance, I think! Where you heading from/too?
  9. CharlieB

    WHV next year!

    Hi guys, I have finally made the decision to do a WHV in Oz from February 2017. I have been planning to do this for a long time now, but will be hopefully booking this all next week!!! I cant help but think I've forgotten something or I'm being too naïve about all of this.. I am 22 years old. I know I need to book a 417 Visa, flights into Sydney, and travel insurance for backpackers (which is more expensive than I anticipated). I don't have that much money - roughly $6,000. I am hoping to get a job straight away in Sydney and probably stay in the Maze hostel. Am I going to struggle getting a job? I was a supervisor in a hotel/restaurant for 3 years and now I work for the Emergency Services (2 years). I know I need to sort out my NAB bank which I'm going to do from the UK here online and pick up the card on my arrival to Oz. I also need to pick up a Medicare card and an Australian sim card for my phone. Is there anything that I've forgotten? Anything I need to expect? I think I'm just starting to panic because this is becoming so real now!! Thank you A very nervous London girl x
  10. CharlieB

    Airport Procedure - WHV

    My best friend started her WHV last year with no return ticket. She had to show proof of having $5,000 in her bank. Unfortunately, she had transferred all her money into her Oz NAB bank. I had to send her £5000 to her English bank and she transferred it straight back to me! I think its just a random check!
  11. CharlieB

    Reassurance please :)

    My boyfriend and I have also decided to do a Working Visa from January 2017... I have landed myself in an absolutely brilliant carer with exceptional money but I am only 21 years old and I AM BORED! I am extremely scared to even consider handing my notice in and my parents aren't happy about my decision either which really doesn't help.... I have my best friend currently travelling in Australia and she has told me its the best decision she has ever made and is never returning to the UK! I feel like I also need constant reassurance that I'm making the best decision.. Who knows