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  1. Hi my employer has said he signs me off for 7 days for my farm work. That means my 88 days will come quicker than working the three Calender months is that correct? Also if I for any reason I left or the work stopped my work would still be signed off for 7 days ? As far as I am aware it is more to the discretion of the employer if they sign you for 7 days or 5 than the visa bureau ?
  2. If my visa got investigated what evidence would I need to send? People say they now ask for bank account statements but I'm not trusting in sending over bank account details etc?
  3. Jon

    Griffith Fruit Picking

    That's brilliant thank you very much for your help
  4. Jon

    Griffith Fruit Picking

    just to clarify this is Griffith NSW? Just making sure there's not one in QLD or anywhere else
  5. Jon

    Griffith Fruit Picking

    That's good news. Not that I doubt your information just for my own knowledge is there anything on the internet that I can check ?thank you
  6. Hello, Does anybody know if Rural work in Griffith is eligible for 2nd year visa ?
  7. Jon

    Reassurance please :)

    Okay, so I go to Australia tomorrow after so long organising and worrying it is finally here ! Thanks for your help and any last words of wisdom would be great ! Gutted to be leaving family but i am sure once I am there that will all be put to the back of my mind !
  8. Jon

    Where to go from Sydney

    Hi We are travelling to Australia next year So we land in Sydney in January and will be spending a month there first off to get ourselves settled in. The problem is we are struggling really with 'where to go from here' we would like to go somewhere chilled with beaches on your door step for a relax and a bit of night life for a meal and drink etc but we do not really know where to go. We have no real set direction apart from we want to start our 3 months work around march so between February and March we are all ears for anything really. If anyone could give us any advice it will help a lot we have a few ideas but do not know where to take it from Sydney. Thanks for your help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jon

    What is Neutral Bay like?

    Guys thank you so much for all of your info I appreciate your time and effort it has helped a lot I think we have decided on Neutral Bay now after reading your info cant wait to get ourselves over there now
  10. Jon

    What is Neutral Bay like?

    P.s what is the closest beach to Neutral Bay ? We have been looking at property in Vaucluse would you say that is better located ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jon

    What is Neutral Bay like?

    Thanks for that what would be your reason not to base it as a holiday base for the month? It is about $400-500 cheaper than around bondi etc that's the Main reason we've been looking at it to be honest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hi I have recently stumbled across some accommodation in Neutral Bay that me and my girlfriend are looking at booking for a month in Sydney in Jan 17 it is very reasonably priced so that is why we have stumbled upon Neutral Bay. I am just wondering what the area is like is it close enough to Sydney to still get the city experience? Is it quite accessible to get to Bondi, CBD Darling Harbour etc? And also just a vague overview of the area would be of great help and much appreciated Thanks for your time
  13. Hello, Does anybody know of Any websites that I can book a package holiday from Australia ? I am looking at flying to Jamaica from Australia next year on a 2 week holiday and looking at booking it from the UK before I go. Any help would be much appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Jon

    Reassurance please :)

    Thank you for the comment it has helped knowing different people's experiences as at first you feel like you're the first who's doing this type of thing. When in reality so many have done it before ! Could you message me the contact details for the Coffs Harbour farming as that would help so much for our second WHV. Thank you again ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Jon

    Reassurance please :)

    Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk