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  1. Hi folks, So my partner and I are going to be applying for our partner visa within the next few months, and I'm just wanting to get ahead of the curve as much as possible with building up relevant evidence. One slight concern I have is that we're living together in the house which my partner bought with his ex 4 years ago. He doesn't have enough income on his own to transfer the mortgage into his name, and my understanding is that the bank basically won't consider my income until if/when I'm granted the 820 at least. The mortgage is still in the name of my partner and his ex so I can't really use mortgage statements or anything like that in evidence. We've already set up a direct debit for the weekly payment of the mortgage from our joint account into which both our income is paid. Do you think that will be enough to satisfy on that front? Thanks
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    Thanks, Harriet. Appreciate that. c:
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    Hi all I wonder if you'd mind just taking a look at my plan and give it a bit of a sense check in case I've missed something blatantly obvious? Background to this is I want to move to Australia (specifically, Capalaba in Queensland) to live with my partner (himself a pom expat and now Aussie citizen). Currently looking at doing this in around May next year so I can get plenty saved up in the meantime. The current plan is: 1) Go over on a WHV (I'm 28, no medical issues or criminal record, so shouldn't imagine there'd be any issues with eligibility). 2) I work in IT, so should be able to apply for IT support/helpdesk 3-6 month contract roles. 3) Open a joint bank account, have my name added to any bills it can be added to to start building up the proof of genuine relationship and the like. 4) After 3-6 months, we'll go through the civil partnership process and have our relationship registered in Queensland. This removes the requirement for 12 months living together. 5) Apply for the 820/801 as a de facto partner. May choose to use a migration agent for the sake of being sure about the quality of application. 6) Once the WHV expires, continue working under the bridging visa A until the 820 is granted (or not). A few queries I have which I'd be grateful for any advice on: 1) Will acknowledging that we were already in a relationship prior to my application for the WHV present any problems? Not actually intending to do much holidaying, as such. 2) Will the 6 month limit still apply while on the bridging visa or will I be able to apply for a permanent position? Any advice you can give would be very welcome. I've done lots of research into this, but am obviously keen to avoid cocking it up.