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  1. A lot of opportunities in Melbourne.
  2. Melb2016

    The Budget

    Well he's the opposition leader. It's his job to not like what comes from the other side..[emoji12]
  3. Melb2016

    The Budget

    A steady budget in a difficult (Brexit) backdrop.
  4. Melb2016

    Salary negotiation Melbourne

    42k GBP lifestyle in UK would be better than a 79k AUD lifestyle in AU. Rent costs itself in Mel would be high compared to the UK (unless you are coming from London). I can understand that a low sterling is causing a low conversion for you. I would suggest aim for closer to 84k AUD.
  5. Melb2016

    How much does it cost?

    Depends on your spending power and the type of person you are ofc. I would say AUD50k sounds much fairer than GBP70k. I know people who have done it for a lot cheaper...
  6. Also, check whether you get some relocation support.
  7. GBP63k > AUD110k. Some companies use a conversion factor rate rather than a straight currency exchange rate. This accounts for cost of living differences. Obviously you are getting hammered due to a weak GBP. I would argue that coming from London, Sydney wouldnt be too different as regards cost of living. But, to reach standard of living parity based on your UK wage, I would be looking at closer to AUD 125-130k + medical cover (although having said that, Medicare is pretty much free and very good). A note about annual leave, yes you would get less leave in Au but pls check how the bank holidays stack up too. I have a feeling that you will be able to recuperate a couple of days as Au has more bank holidays thank the UK.
  8. Melb2016

    Where do I stay in Melbourne?

    Flemington would be a good bet and certainly within your budget. You should be easily able to get a decent 1 bed for around 400/week. 5-6kms from the city with good public transport.
  9. Melb2016

    Amazon gets green light

    Amazon is great. One of the things I miss about the UK. Looking forward to it finally arriving it in Au.
  10. Melb2016

    final visa refused - australian daughter to leave

    Very sorry to hear about your situation. Good luck for the future and I hope you find a way forward.
  11. Melb2016

    Well done Lewis Hamilton.

    Excellent stuff indeed. He's been great over the last few races. Here's to him getting another few before he retires.
  12. Melb2016

    Father refused visa is having to return to India

    Agreed marriage to an Australian citizen is not a bullet proof shield. As regards people being deported due to criminal records - that is clearly irrelevant here as nowhere have I read this man having a criminal record.
  13. Melb2016

    Father refused visa is having to return to India

    Sounds interesting. I am assuming you mean if if you could sustain yourself and have a job paying a similar amount to what you get paid in Australia? If not, just because you were middle class in Australia (nowhere does it say this woman is middle class btw) means nothing.
  14. Melb2016

    Father refused visa is having to return to India

    I wouldn't classify having nuclear weapons as a differentiator as to whether a country is developed/developing. Pakistan has nuclear weapons, by all accounts Iran and North Korea may also get there in the foreseeable. I wouldn't count any of those countries to be economically developed.
  15. Melb2016

    Father refused visa is having to return to India

    I agree with that. But in this case I don't see this as so black and white. I am a British citizen and if for some reason my visa was cancelled, my wife and I would quite happily return back home. However, I would argue that the life opportunities and the standard of living to be at a similar level between the said two countries. Uprooting and moving to a developing country must be a daunting proposition for the wife and the young child (both Australian citizens I understand).