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  1. Cameron2310

    state nomination query

    he will be applying onshore for his visa
  2. Cameron2310

    state nomination query

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but my partner is thinking about withdrawing his visa for a 489 and applying for a 491. The 489 is still in process He contacted migration SA and asked if he withdrew his visa is there a time frame he needs to wait to apply again for state sponsorship. They just sent the paragraph from the website which we read. I understand state sponsorship isn't guaranteed however does anyone know if there is a time frame he needs to wait. I emailed them again but I've not had a reply yet. The last reply was - The requirement is 1.3.7. If you withdraw your VISA application we may not be able to offer you another nomination. Thanks
  3. Cameron2310

    Moving dogs to Australia - help

    This is the thing. I didn't ask for visa help on what visa to get. I made two forums this one and a question about the whv age. At no point did I ask for advice on what visa to take. It's all good to sit there and go 'wow, people are just trying to help' I didn't ask for visa help! I was nice enough at the start, without going into detail about it but I don't know why some people think they can give advice on a situation they know nothing about and keep pushing it. Especially when each reply comes; I think it is in relation to someone moving their dog over and it's not. I asked for stories about people moving their dogs. I signed up to this site as I felt anxious about my dogs and I had another question. Looking for some reassurance about flying dogs, Not have people tell things I know. The reason I didn't ask for help is, we trust the person offering him the sponsorship. I just don't want to live in Melbourne - where the offer is. Thanks again guys. What a friendly site!
  4. Cameron2310

    Moving dogs to Australia - help

    I'm aware of all that. Not relevant to myself, my partner or this post. I asked for any stories about people moving dogs over. Not for advice on my situation which you don't know anything about....
  5. Cameron2310

    Moving dogs to Australia - help

    Can i ask why? I'm going on a whv. My partner has a sponsorship offer when we get there. We are applying for a visa right now. so what's the issue?
  6. Cameron2310

    Moving dogs to Australia - help

    Hi Bob I had a look at different companies but feel pet air is the one for my girls. I filled out the online quote form at the weekend so hopefully bear back soon Thanks
  7. Cameron2310

    Moving dogs to Australia - help

    Thanks but I'm happy with the agent I'm dealing with as I know people who have used him before. Like I stated in the other post he does have a sponsorship offer however we will go over apply for a visa from there as we are getting his skills assessed, ielts, done the now
  8. Cameron2310

    Moving dogs to Australia - help

    Hello Yes I understand it isn't guaranteed stay simply going on whv as I'm of the right age and currently using an agent to help with visas once over there. I'm more stressed about moving them than moving over myself Thanks
  9. Cameron2310

    Age query

    Better to go over and see if we like it - my partner is in the process of having his skills etc assessed so we can apply for a visa over there if we like it enough to stay He's a chef and already been offered sponsorship however he' likes to move about to much to take it Thanks
  10. Cameron2310

    Moving dogs to Australia - help

    Hi guys, I'm planning on flying my dogs over at the end of the year. I looked at the agriculture.gov.au site at time lines to visit the vet etc. It says you need to get a vet to write a note to confirm what you'e done at each appointment, ie to confirm they scanned for microchip and vaccinated against rabies, my vet said he doesn't need to give me a note as everything will be logged on the computer, did anyone else get their vet to write a letter each time they visited the VET? My next question is, one of my dogs is 9, I'm taking her for a pet mot to make sure she' healthy to fly. Does anyone have any stories of flying senior dogs over to Australia and if so, how did it GO? Thanks
  11. Cameron2310

    Age query

    My partner and I have been advised it's better to go over on a whv as we are still of the age to apply for one. I plan on going to Australia in October, two weeks before I turn 31. If I leave Australia when I'm 31 can I still re enter Australia even though I'll be 31? Thanks
  12. Cameron2310

    Tax file number help

    This is my first time posting, i hope i'm in right forum! Apologies if i've posted it on the wrong bit. My partner and I are going over to Australia in September, we are going on a working holiday visa and plan on doing three months rural work so we can get the extra year on top. He is a chef so we are hoping to eventually find a sponsorship for him! My question is, what does a tax file number do? I read non residents get taxed higher on earnings and it's advisable to apply for a TFN, is this so we don't get taxed the higher amount? I've googled it but i can't find out if that's the case thanks