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  1. I have ... he is missing out on something that would blow his socks off ! ..
  2. you are missing something wonderful ...
  3. yes , we are still friends ... but it still hurts ! ... it is taking a long time and at our age we need to grab what we can before we have to walk towards the white light ! ...
  4. you have not offended me Parley ... I enjoy jokes about sex ... BUT I am still upset you called off our engagement because I flirted with Johndoe ! ...
  5. she must love coming to the block with you ...
  6. no , you can't Sunset ... have you drawn a plan of what you want to do ? ...
  7. " fearsome " ... he is a cuddly teddy bear ...
  8. I miss doing that for my granddaughters when they were younger ...
  9. looking foreword to it Rossie ...
  10. my grandson sent me a message with a link to a dog he is hoping to foster ... I have spent 10 minutes trying to look at it but the Internet has dropped out every time ...
  11. at the moment , yes ... only has one brain cell ... I am not sure if it is dressed to the right or left ! ..