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  1. Just an update of the IELTS exam scores...I think it helped to go completely relaxed about the exam...I did find the test much easier than the 1st one I took, so it's a matter of luck really. Anyways: Listening: 8.5 Reading: 9.0 Writing: 8.0 (phew!) Speaking: 9.0 Overall: 8.5 I feel an incredible weight off my shoulders. Thanks PomQueen and Supercow for your good luck!!!
  2. Thank you! You know, after reading your post yesterday that's exactly what it felt like: as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, we'll see how it goes - cheers!
  3. Thank you Pom Queen, much appreciated!
  4. I only got an account on this forum to say THANK YOU! These are my scores from the first time I took the IELTS: L: 8.5, S: 8.0, W: 8.0, R: 7.5 That is right, one %$&@# question dropped my score to 7.5 on reading, so frustrating. I am sitting again this Saturday but I am not that confident, especially because I feel that getting below 8 in reading is so easy to do or I might drop that 8.0 in writing (I think I lucked out on first try). If I don't get the scores I need, I'll take the Pearson test and report back. Your comparison to Skinner is right on target.