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  1. Hi Caramac, thanks for your reply. We're looking at living around St Ives... I'll be working in North Ryde. I'm hoping to find a school which covers primary and high school. I've contacted all schools around and these are the ones which have space to take mid-year 2016. Problem seems to be that my oldest starts high school feb 2017 and some schools already over subscribed. Whilst PLC looks great I'm concerned over the size. I thought Ravenswood looked good. Can you let me know why you wouldn't recommed it?
  2. Hi, we're moving to Sydney and trying to decide on best school for our 2 daughters (9 and 11). Both PLC and Ravenswood look good. Does anyone have any experience with these schools or can offer any advice. Many thanks.
  3. Hi Sevenseas, thank you so much for your advice. I will check out the other schools you mentioned and look to get the girls registered for a couple of schools within the next 2 weeks.
  4. Hi All, planning on moving home to Oz in 2016 after living in London for 15 years. We're moving to Sydney which is totally new to us, and feeling the panic of having no idea of the area, schools, etc. We have 2 daughters (8 and 10). We are looking at Pittwater House and St Luke's. Old dd will be due to start high school in 2017, and I've been told I have to register her by March to get her on the waiting list. I would like to have them in the same school, and a school which caters for 4-18, so hopefully only have to move them once. Any insight to these schools or others us gravely appreciated. Thanks Deb