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Found 13 results

  1. Captain Roberto

    Scotland Island, Pittwater

    HI Does anyone or has anyone on here ever lived on Scotland Island? Thanks in advance! Matt
  2. Hi All, planning on moving home to Oz in 2016 after living in London for 15 years. We're moving to Sydney which is totally new to us, and feeling the panic of having no idea of the area, schools, etc. We have 2 daughters (8 and 10). We are looking at Pittwater House and St Luke's. Old dd will be due to start high school in 2017, and I've been told I have to register her by March to get her on the waiting list. I would like to have them in the same school, and a school which caters for 4-18, so hopefully only have to move them once. Any insight to these schools or others us gravely appreciated. Thanks Deb
  3. Hi All My husband and I are a young minded child free 40ish couple. We immigrated to Australia about ten years ago and have recently moved from Gosford back to Manly Vale. We love getting out and about and would like to meet other couples to socialise with. You know, the usual going out eating/drinking/listening to live music/walks, etc. So if you fancy meeting up for a drink or two :biggrin:, please get in touch. Thanks Sharon
  4. Hey everyone, I'm Carly 24 and from Liverpool. I have been working as Au Pair in Manly (Sydney suburbs) for 4 weeks, and am looking to make a group of friends to have nights out with, beach days, and generally live the Aussie life lol! Ther nature of the job makes it hard to socialise so thought that online would be the next best thing
  5. Hi all! I’ve just joined the site so total newbie here! We’re a family from London/Oxfordshire (Work/Live) moving to Sydney later this year in October. We have a 6yo girl and a 3 yo boy. Can’t wait! We’ll most likely be moving somewhere in the Northern Beaches - still not sure where yet. Possibly Avalon or Collaroy. I’m in Sydney in a few weeks time by myself for work and I’m also tacking on a weeks recce in Northern Beaches to lock down an area and schools. It will be around late February/early March. As my wife won’t get to see the places first hand - she’s trusting my judgement! (gulp - no pressure then!) I’d really love to hear from people living in the Northern Beaches and any recommendations. What I’m looking for is really a snap shot of your daily life - best suburbs, schools and preschools (why did you chose them?), best beaches & parks that you go to, fave restaurants etc. I'd like to go these places and get a feel for the area for my full report back! Also, if anyone has got some B&B recommendations in the Avalon area that would be great! Alot to ask I know! And finally if anybody in the area could spare some time to meet up in the area when I’m on my recce I’ll trade you a couple of cups of coffee or a few beers for some info! Thanks very much for all your help! Trey
  6. Hi, Have been here about 2 months now and have met a some lovely people but would be great to meet a few more. I have 2 little ones (5&2) and am based in the Northern Beaches. Any other mums out there fancy a meet up?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Carly 24 and from Liverpool. I have been working as Au Pair in Manly (Sydney suburbs) for 4 weeks, and am looking to make a group of friends to have nights out with, beach days, and generally live the Aussie life lol! Ther nature of the job makes it hard to socialise so thought that online would be the next best thing
  8. So I landed in Sydney this morning. Now, we all now it's a long flight but... CRAP it's a looooong flight! I thought the 'novelty' of flying alone without the kids would fuel the journey (ie movies and Jacke Daniels) but no. It got old about 3 hours in. But hey. I'm here and after a very wet exit from the airport, the sun came out! I'm here for a week on my own having a couple of meetings but also looking at some suburbs mainly in the Northern Beaches. I'm also booked in to see a couple of schools and plan to snoop around some houses too. Will update here on how it goes. But feel free to get in touch if you're thinking about that area and would like some 'eyes on the ground'. Also, feel free to get in touch if you're in the area and have got some spare time for an Oz/Move/School/Kid brain dump over a coffee!
  9. Hi Everyone. I read so much on PIO before moving out here and what I found most useful were people’s real life experiences of the first few months. So here is my account. We moved here 5 weeks ago from Edinburgh, OH and 2 little ones (4 & 2). We moved into a furnished holiday let in North Curl Curl, Northern Beaches. I felt it was quite expensive but was great to be so near the beach and important to feel comfortable, especially when first arriving. Our first few days covered the usual – car hire, tax file number, Medicare, bank account etc. (oh, and I had pre-ordered an online shop from Coles which was delivered the first morning we were here, was brilliant). We had hired our car for only 2 weeks so made it a priority to buy a car pretty quickly to save on long term expense. Next was where the heck to live, Sydney is massive (compared to Edinburgh). We visited quite a few areas including the Hills. I had read a lot on here about it but after driving there it felt very far out. No offense to anyone living there but for me personally I felt like we could have been anywhere, it was a bit like a giant housing estate. My priority, I realised, wasn’t the huge house but to feel like I actually lived in Sydney, or my expectations of it anyway. We also carefully considered Sutherlandshire, which was great, but I think my heart was set on the Northern Beaches. After scouring domain.com and realestate.com every day we found a 3 bed house in Collaroy, Northern Beaches. It’s a tough rental market and moves fast but thankfully our house had been on for a couple of weeks so the fact we didn’t have jobs didn’t seem to matter. We did offer 2 months rent up front as an incentive but wasn’t required. OH (accountant) joined a few agencies and after 2 interviews now has a job, great. Takes the pressure off as there are a number of initial outlays. Next tasks for me (apart from making some pals!) is to find nursery places and a part time job. Bit tricky as the good nurseries have long waiting lists so need to enroll them but don’t want to commit to a certain number of days without a job that fits in? Bit of a catch 22, sure it will all work out. Anyway, hope this is of use to some people. Oh and btw, it’s totally beautiful here. Weather is great, even in winter, we’ve been to the beach most days. There are parks and playgounds everywhere and people are helpful and friendly. Loving it. Good luck to all those in the process, it’s definitely all worth it.
  10. Hi there, I am 28 years old German girl and just moved to Northern Beaches last week, everything looks fun, but I need friends:biggrin: All my friends are from other areas of Sydney, which doesn't makes it easy to hang out a lot with them, so let me know if you are fun and like to go out for dancing or just a coffee:)
  11. Hey I`m (F, 34 originally from London UK ) about to move to Sydney and also about to have my first child in October so would love to meet women in a similar position! Preferably in their thirties and keen to maintain interests outsides of the children (however unrealistic that may be for a few months!) Interested in travel, culture, books, politics, beaches, bikes, hikes, music, science, festivals, the chance to have a drink again soon and of course babies! Just want to meet some generally interesting, funny, laid back, nice people that could I potentially hang out with while I`m not working. Cheers!
  12. Hi all,We have been in Mona Vale for 6 months and really enjoying it here,although alittle bit of homesickness keeps creeping up on me:eek: I was wondering if their are any mums who would like to meet up in the week for a coffee or know of any meet ups etc in the Northern beaches........I have a 3 nearly 4 year old daughter who loves to play with other children.I dont work so we can do most days, Cheers :smile:
  13. Just as the title says.... we are here! We first put our application in, in May 2007 for a 163 Business Visa, and its been a difficult 18 months, we ended up not selling house and just coming as soon as visa arrived and fingers crossed it sells soon! We landed on 14th Jan in Sydney and were greeted by a friend which was nice to see a friendly face, the goodbyes were hard, we ended up being in such a rush the day we left we even left the house with the fridge still full of food (so have family going in to tidy up!). The airport goodbyes to family were extremely hard, and i cried all the way to my seat! Singapore air were great, food was good (for plane food) and we got good prices, the airport in Singapore is huge and you would never get bored! Anyway since arriving we have been staying in an apartment in Collaroy (northern beaches) right on the beach, and the people here are so lovely and helpful. We have decided though to start looking for a long term rental asap instead of waiting for our container and we will make do until the 1st week of March. Some things i have learnt that i thought maybe useful to others i have outlined below: Food - the prices have definitly risen (as expected) since our reccie in May 2007, we have found that supermarkets tend to be way more expensive for fruit and veg, so going to markets and grocers is the better option, meat here especially chicken seems far more expensive than the UK too, we are definitly missing Tesco's prices! We are still shopping around but Franklins seems cheapest for meat so far. Petrol - apparently servos (petrol stations) can choose their own prices and they do vary a lot, when we arrived 2 weeks ago we passed some as low as 98c a litre!! We have been told that Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy fuel - it varies all week, they call it "Cheap Skate Tuesday" its definitly worth it! Phones - we bought our mobile phones with us (but make sure you get them un locked before you leave as we didnt with one of them and cant use it!) and have put vodafone PAYG sim in, top up is different here, we topped up $29 and it gives you $150 worth of credit which seems worth it definitly! Banks - we opened up a Westpac acct from uk so just had to go in and identify ourselves when we arrived, I am still getting to grips with the whole system as its slightly different with all the different accts you have, and remember to check the charges for different accts. Renting - we popped along to a few houses at the weekend to take a look, they tend to have open houses on a saturday morning, so we went along and found a house that seemed perfect, and when we spoke to the agent they had had 10 applications in the first 10 minutes! So you need to take or have ready all forms of ID, references, job details, just basically all your paperwork! We scanned ours and put on USB stick to save us carrying it in our luggage, this was definitly worth it as without an australian drivers licence you tend to need lots of other ID! I just want all the people out there who are waiting for their visas, dont give up, you will get here and it will be all worth it! In general the people have been so lovely and helpful, the sun is shining, and I am looking forward to our new life out here, the children already happy and have had surfing lessons, and body board most days, its just such a good lifestyle!! Good Luck to you all Zoe and Co xxx:smile: