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  1. Brissybear

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Just arrived !! To say I'm relieved is an understatement
  2. Brissybear

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    I can imagine the pressure they are under. I first submitted on the 21st Nov. Then uploaded extra info on 25th. I stupidly uploaded a pleading cover note today but cant help feel that I've pushed an extra layer if beauracrasy onto my application. Would it be really unusual to have to wait from the 21st to past the 10th december for a visa of this kind?
  3. Brissybear

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    I am in a whole mess around this. Have a family holiday booked from 10th Dec to 8th Jan in Brisbane. My agent advised when we were about to book that due to the length of time an RRV would take I would be better just going back on an e651 tourist visa. Now sounds like going back may completely remove my permanent residency status? He thinks it wont and says its quite common when perm residents who have travel period expired need to go back on very short notice. However now I am sitting with an e651 stuck at 'In Progress' despite giving them everything they came back and asked for. It looks like its not going to change anytime soon and my holiday will be ruined. Why cant visa processing places in Oz not operate outside office hours? Why cant you ever not be able to actually speak to someone who can help? The whole thing is putting me off going back .. not that I did (permanently) anyway but my partner is desperate to go and live there. The volume of work must be immense so why cant they provide a more humane system rather than sitting staring at your email 24 hours a day. Whats the longest anyone has ever waited on an e651? maybe thats a question for another thread Cheers BB
  4. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    That's great to hear. I'm up on the Isle of Skye and do love it WHEN you can get outdoors and do stuff, especially fishing. But I just can't get Oz out my system, every day for 5 years I think about it constantly but it's my partner and her Dad that are really pushing for this now like I said earlier. I can see a lot of tears and heartbreak. If my company paid the going rate for my trade I would def put the brakes on. However the thought of taking my daughter to Southbank, Straddie, Moreton Island etc while I fish for bull sharks at night just beats everything. I think my partner will get a shock with the amount of rain in Brissy in summer, I don't even class it as summer as it just rains every day. The rest of the year is beautiful for the most part though. Also she will be stuck in Chelmer for a while and not being able to work I can see her getting bored even though her dad has a pool. Time will tell but there is no changing her mind.
  5. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    Genuine question VS. Are you happier?
  6. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    Thanks again. The problem with Glasgow was although we lived in a nice area there was still a lot of violence. My Dad lives in Govan and she saw someone get shot outside the house. I love Glasgow and it's no worse than anywhere else (no seriously) imo. I think I need to clarify we will be living with her Dad and her half sister. Her Dad is really driving this (and is loaded, he paid for our flights). Shipping we aren't taking anything other than suitcases. My partner is very confident she will get part of her divorce settlement in the next few weeks which is quite a bit of money but we don't want to fizzle it away. I lived in Brisbane for 5 years and was working within a week of arriving with my ex wife. I know this doesnt mean the same will happen again however I do have very good friends in the IT industry over there. The biggest dilemma is the step daughter. I believe we can get her on my visa as long as we have an official letter from a lawyer saying over 16 year old can choose who they want to live with. However I don't think she will as she is so wrapped up with this guy. I find it hard to even consider going and leaving her behind but as so many people have said, that's really up to her Mum I also have a daughter where I feel will have a much better life in Oz than here. In fact after Brexit or even worse independence, I reckon more and more youngsters will look to move away from the UK, especially Scotland. I've tried to weigh up the pro's and con's of just staying here but apart from being more expensive (the wages more than compensate for this though imo), Australia really is much, much better in every department than the UK. The 3 month holiday visa's could be our lifeline with my step daughter as she has agreed to come out after she has finished school. If we go offshore then hold back submitting the visa's until she has been herself and then she would have 5 years to decide. What we don't want is to be sitting skint in a few years in the same miserable grey place regretting that one chance we had as a family to be in a much better place with myself trying to support my 21 year old step daughter who has long finished with this current BF as well as my own daughter and partner.
  7. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    Just reading the 40sp form there and it seems I have to prove I can financially support them as an obligation as a sponsor so during the holiday I will have to get a job which was essential anyway and provide payslips as evidence. So the plan is what I feared most she will have to submit both forms when she gets home which means a 12 to 15 month wait possibly until it's granted. The only saving grace is that an agent has confirmed they can travel out again during this period once the visas have been lodged. I know it might not take that long but Jesus I hope it comes as quick as it does for some people I've read on here.
  8. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    Quick update. We are def going the offshore route. My partner thinks the form will be submitted before we go on holiday. Now does that allow her to travel on 3 month holiday visas while waiting on it being processed? Even at the border if she has return ticket and is honest saying she has applied offshore would she be okay?
  9. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    @Bungo Cheers. I have confirmed with the missus that we are all on return tickets. The reason I have no money in the UK is because of the low wages I am on (due to location). However my partner is expecting some money from a divorce settlement but we can't rely on that. I have around 5K in credit cards that should tide me over until I get a job, preferably contracting. One of my best friends is a Test Manager in Brissy and he is confident he can get me out there in no time. I also left my last job on great terms however would prefer to get as much money asap. The market is also very buyount out there for my profession. We have decided on the offshore visa however I'm not 100% if my partner can still come on a 3 month holiday (her dad will look after her until I get work) or does offshore mean she has to stay in the UK until the visa is granted. I thought that 16-18 year old's need permission from both parents or a court order to get on the visa? We could definitely talk her into it and she will come out to validate it. It's her Dad I feel bad for although she will be gone wherever her bf is regardless, maybe not the other side of the world though.
  10. Sorry I should have said 'Applicant ID Number or Transaction Reference Number (TRN)'. I don't have any of these or don't know where to find them? Sorry from another thread. When I go on the official site all I get is the VERCO app which seems fine however the problem I have is I no longer have any documents relating to when my PR was granted back in 2012. Would I just phone Australia house in London with my passport number? Many thanks Jamie
  11. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    Thanks. The stress is unbearable. X
  12. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    The only way we can get our hands on 7K is if her money comes in before Jan 28 we just don't have it. One thing I cant seem to find on the official visa site is would she be able to come and go while waiting on an offshore spouse visa? For example could she still get a 3 month tourist visa? Anyway the Glasgow thing lol. It was more the people she was afraid of. We lived next to a park and there were often running battles with gangs and she even witnessed a shooting. She has been to Brisbane before (her Dad and half sister live there) and loves it. The only thing is she was there in winter and she is in for a shock arriving in summer because in the 5 years I lived in Brissy it rained (or felt like) it rained every single day from Jan up to the end of March.
  13. Brissybear

    How do you find out exact date PR return date expires?

    Sorry I should have said 'Applicant ID Number or Transaction Reference Number (TRN)'. I don't have any of these or don't know where to find them?
  14. Sorry feel as if I'm clogging this place up today. I tried for ages last night to find out the exact date when my right to return expires. I know it's Feb however not sure of the exact date. I kept getting told of this VEVCO however it requires information I no longer have like a business number? Is there a way you can just put your passport number in and find out? Even calling Australia house in london? Unfortunately I have lost all the relevant documents that I was given when my PR was granted and chose that it be added electronically on my passport. Again, any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Brissybear

    Stepdaughter under 18 on student visa

    Thanks Snifter, especially the PM. The biggest issue we have is MONEY :-((. If I had the 7K to lodge the visa form just now I would. My partner has been going through a divorce for about 5 years and at last has reached some sort of settlement that might, just might get us the money to apply offshore before we leave. Yes they are on return tickets but I'm on a 1 way, bit suspicious maybe? I would love to get an agent all over this but again we have no money just now. Her dad has paid for the flights and luckily I have a good friend who could get me into contracting again. This was the original plan. But atm we literally have no money come the end of the month. My partner will not consider Glasgow as we tried that and as a Highland girl she found it terrifying. She is very close to her Dad who is getting older and really doesn't want to miss this opportunity. Her adult son is moving there as well as an engineer when he graduates so all roads point down under. We live on the isle of Skye which is beautiful and has a lot for me but she hates it and winter here is brutal. So it really is now or never. The killer with these visa's is paying up front. I mean even if they let you pay in installments would be a huge help. Anyway I'm rambling I guess we just go but I think the offshore visa is best option. Ultimately I will be stuck and unable to travel due to not meeting RRV requirements although I do believe after around 6 months with a job, house etc I should be ok for short term RRV that would allow me to travel back and see my daughter. Many thanks x Btw the student visa wouldnt be until my stepdaughter was ready, which may be never or until she is well over 18.