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  1. Need help with my CV for aphra

    https://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Standard-Format-for-Curriculum-Vitae.aspx This should help :-)
  2. I had a job lined up. I applied online via the agent's website. I did not need to pay additional rent, over and above the usual. I did supply a lengthy statement in support of my application to make me more favourable than someone already in Australia. It had to be pretty good as we were also bringing over our 3 cats to stay in the rental!!
  3. How rural is West Moreton/Ipswich?

    I am a little surprised that you can get from Ipswich to Brisbane in 30 mins. Is usually 50 mins to an hour on the train and 50 mins or more by car, traffic depending. The OP was also keen to get to the coast, which would be at least an hour away. I have family out that way, and they feel that they are 'a long way from things' and don't enjoy the commute from Ipswich to the city, or going into Brisbane on a weekend. Obviously the OP won't be doing a commute if they live and work out there. P
  4. Will check them out. Very helpful to get quote online too. Thanks for the suggestion. P
  5. Hi Captain R What did you decide to do in the end? Who did you go with and how much did it cost? I am now in the same position of going back to the UK to do a final clearout of my things. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks P
  6. Money risky in UK?

    We exchanged on our house on the day of Brexit!!! We actually bit the bullet and brought the money over - we timed it to coincide with a rate jump when there were various court cases underway re Brexit. You can lock in a rate with Moneycorp so that you can benefit from a rate jump in the UK v a decline in the strength of the AUD. Sometimes it jumps momentarily when a government announcement is made or similar. I am glad we did bring the money over. It has prevented the constant watching of rates and enabled us some financial security over here, albeit having lost a chunk of money. We worked out what we would be happy with rate-wise and stuck with that. I found the people at Moneycorp very patient with my enquiries so would have a chat with them about the options. P
  7. 189 independent skilled visa

    Suggest that you get a wriggle on with it. To get it done by February is doable but pushing it. We had the same issue coming up to my husband's 40th birthday. We contacted the skills assessment people and asked if they would be willing to expedite it, which they did for a small fee. Made things a bit more stressful though. Definitely get going with it now!
  8. We rented from the UK too and found the perfect house for us. Great to prepare the kids before the move too so that they had a new 'home' the minute we landed. Good tips for others doing this - Google street view all the way along the street and surrounding streets Confirm with the agent that the photos of the property are recent (and not taken 10 yrs ago when the property was first tenanted!) Check out the crime map for the area - very useful to determine that you are not going to land in a hotbed of drug dealing!! Go with 6 months if you can, rather than 12 months just in case it is a pit.
  9. Best sun lotion

    Sunscreen is so much cheaper over here. We buy the massive tubs of SPF 50 - Coles own brand. We have never burnt and I have very fair skin. You will get through large quantities of the stuff so you might as well just get used to a new brand. Sunscreen has a shelf life and probably wouldn't travel that well in the high heat of a container and you wouldn't want to waste cabin luggage space on something that you can buy cheaply everywhere.
  10. Hunting for a job whilst still I'm the UK.

    Husband and I both secured permanent jobs before we set off. Lots of hard work, research and carefully focussed applications. I put in my application and had my interview before I even got PR!! It can be done :-)
  11. Bray park area

    Do you have a choice of area? If not, then there isn't much that you can do. Certainly not terrible, but wouldn't be my first choice of location. Areas close by that I would choose in order of preference - Eatons Hill, Cashmere, Warner.
  12. Cv

    Hi Suggest that you just google CV / Resume images - people style their documents differently but at least you have the content outlined in Luisa's response. It would be completely inappropriate for someone to share their actual CV with you so Google will be your best bet. Have just googled 'sample CV for AHPRA' and there are heaps on there for you to use. P
  13. Social worker - children's

    I agree with Quoll. It is heading in the right direction but at least 10 years behind the UK in terms of approach. A lot of people find it frustrating. NDIS is coming in soon so this will mean that there is more pressure on jobs - people will be transferring from disability services to other fields of social work, but I still think that in CP you should be okay.
  14. Be a pal !

    Hiya Sorry you haven't had any replies yet. Am bumping your post to the front page again. I am based in Brisbane, so probably a bit far out for meet ups. I have made most of my good friends through interests. A great place to start if you need to extend your network a bit. Hope you find some people to connect with. P
  15. How did you decide on area?

    Do you have a particular reason for Perth or SA? If you are thinking about better work prospects, have you considered other states?