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  1. Best sun lotion

    Sunscreen is so much cheaper over here. We buy the massive tubs of SPF 50 - Coles own brand. We have never burnt and I have very fair skin. You will get through large quantities of the stuff so you might as well just get used to a new brand. Sunscreen has a shelf life and probably wouldn't travel that well in the high heat of a container and you wouldn't want to waste cabin luggage space on something that you can buy cheaply everywhere.
  2. Hunting for a job whilst still I'm the UK.

    Husband and I both secured permanent jobs before we set off. Lots of hard work, research and carefully focussed applications. I put in my application and had my interview before I even got PR!! It can be done :-)
  3. Bray park area

    Do you have a choice of area? If not, then there isn't much that you can do. Certainly not terrible, but wouldn't be my first choice of location. Areas close by that I would choose in order of preference - Eatons Hill, Cashmere, Warner.
  4. Cv

    Hi Suggest that you just google CV / Resume images - people style their documents differently but at least you have the content outlined in Luisa's response. It would be completely inappropriate for someone to share their actual CV with you so Google will be your best bet. Have just googled 'sample CV for AHPRA' and there are heaps on there for you to use. P
  5. Social worker - children's

    I agree with Quoll. It is heading in the right direction but at least 10 years behind the UK in terms of approach. A lot of people find it frustrating. NDIS is coming in soon so this will mean that there is more pressure on jobs - people will be transferring from disability services to other fields of social work, but I still think that in CP you should be okay.
  6. Be a pal !

    Hiya Sorry you haven't had any replies yet. Am bumping your post to the front page again. I am based in Brisbane, so probably a bit far out for meet ups. I have made most of my good friends through interests. A great place to start if you need to extend your network a bit. Hope you find some people to connect with. P
  7. How did you decide on area?

    Do you have a particular reason for Perth or SA? If you are thinking about better work prospects, have you considered other states?
  8. Health cover/fund help

    We looked into this when we arrived. It is worthwhile paying now, because if you join when you are much older, the costs are astronomical. It is also tax effective for us. We have gone for family as well because the kids wear glasses and are likely to need orthodontic treatment. I used iSelect - good way to narrow down an extremely extensive field.
  9. What's Brisbane really like?

    Yep, I would agree with kissofthegypsy on those areas being not first choice for moving to. Generally speaking everywhere has very nice pockets and then less desirable areas, but if you are moving over, you might as well start with a nicer pocket if you can. If you decide to go 'Northside' post on here and I can advise on some good suburbs / areas to avoid, depending on what sort of area you are looking for. Also agree re Bruce Highway - if you are working in CBD you will need to set off before dawn to get in on time ;-) Buses and trains are an excellent way to commute if you can. The Brisbane suburbs summary on PIO is a really good place to start. Then have a look at real estate. For example Paddington is lovely - rental is quite pricey but manageable but it is out of most people's budgets for purchase. I looked at rental + purchase prices so if you end up staying, you can afford to buy where you have rented. Places like Toowong look really nice on paper - good traffic links, some lovely houses, but it is a nightmare on a morning - traffic is at a standstill unless you go down the backstreets.
  10. Moving to oz

    I know lots of army families and they are all lovely! The schools are fantastic at settling in the new army families because they are aware that they move around so much. When I pick up my kids, there are always men and women in uniform dropping by to collect their children. Eatons Hill is nice and leafy with houses on big plots. And about the only place in Brisbane where there are lots of roundabouts!! Not sure if you are churchy people but there is a great community church in the area too - even if you aren't church people, they do good children's groups which would be a great way for your granddaughter to make friends. I really like Eatons Hill and would have considered moving there but for the transport issue.
  11. What's Brisbane really like?

    I am from up North (UK) originally but I have acclimatised really quickly. It is really cold in the winter - I wore scarf and gloves this morning to work and have a log burner going now. You definitely need to bring the winter woollies ;-) Brisbane is a fabulous city. So many wonderful suburbs. Are you planning to go Northside or Southside?
  12. Moving to oz

    Hi I assume you mean Eatons Hill Brisbane. I have lots of good friends in Eatons Hill. It is a great area for families. There is a new shopping centre with supermarket etc. There is also the Eatons Hill Hotel which has lots of events - gigs etc. Would be good for nightlife for your older 2 children, without them having to go into CBD. Eatons Hill is also close to Albany Creek, which also has a great centre, roller skating rink which your son might like - very popular with my kids. Only issue that I have with it is that it is a little more tricky to get into CBD because it isn't on the train line so you may end up ferrying your children around a bit. Schools are fine. What visas have you got for your daughters? Are they in education? Good luck - October will come around quickly! P
  13. Cost of living

    Council tax? If you buy your home you do have to pay rates, although not 'council tax' as such. It is costed according to the value of your home. Pretty similar to council tax. I think that Nemesis is referring to renting when she says no council tax (your landlord has to pay this). gas electric? We don't have gas in our property - only electric. It is cheaper than in the UK, but depends on if you have your air con on all the time. We manage without. water? Even as renters you may have to pay for what you use. The landlord pays for the general water charge. Water is expensive, particularly if you have a pool but you learn to be economical with it which is a good thing. car insurance averages? We pay $550 a year, but we have a pretty old car. mobile phone contracts ? I pay $60 a month including international calls. Would be a lot cheaper without the international credit. Internet / broadband: depends on your package. We pay $90 a month including a TV recordable hard drive thingy.. House contents insurance - seems more expensive over here, but then in UK we were with the same company for years so got a large discount. Sorry haven't put the figures in but can't remember as we pay quarterly. It also depends on whether you live in a house, apartment etc. Basically our costs are about the same over here as they were in UK. Everyone talks about it being so expensive, but we save on our utilities bills and travel costs - we only run one car now because the public transport system is cheap (in comparison to UK) and very reliable. This makes up for the additional food bills - we probably spend $30 more each week on food.
  14. Moving to Brisbane

    Depends on your budget/ where you are working/ what sort of area you want to live in - Queenslander, apartment/ unit/, brick, newbuild. There are some great suburb reviews posted in this section.
  15. Bedding in Australia

    I am sure that this is down to personal choice!! I am a duvet type of person and there are plenty on offer here. I really don't think you need to worry about choice of bedding when considering your big move.