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  1. Thank you so much Scattley!! I knew I was definitely missing something. I am also thinking in the lines of asking my partner to visit Australia for a brief one week or two and if possible can also can do register marriage here in Australia and do the traditional marriage back home as planned in 2015' so we can process the visa work and fasten up the process instead wait until we get married and wait for another several months of processing time after marriage. Does it really work or does that sound like dodging anywhere. If at all I am proceeding further has anybody got any tips on the list of things we should plan on to get register marriage here in Australia. Anyone has any similar experience. please share!! Thanks in regards.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am a long time reader (used to read a lot here back in 2009/2010 when I lodged my application) and first time poster seeking advice for partner provisional visa (309). On a brief Introduction about me: I am an Australian Permanent resident of Indian origin living here for close to five years waiting to attend citizenship ceremony to become an Australian citizen formally. Now I am have a situation where I am going to get married (It is an arranged marriage) most likely in coming February or March 2015'. so far I haven't met my partner in person and have been only talking through skype and over the phone and chat and etc and etc and etc. In regards to applying for visa- when I was going through the Australian immigration website it says "you can apply if you intend to marry your partner before a decision on your visa is made", just wondering does this make my partner eligible to apply for partner provisional (309) visa even before getting married or is there anything that i am missing? Please let us know Anyone else in the same situation or can advise or has any to share. Thanks in advance. Sanjiv
  3. sanjiv

    309 visa approved!!!

    Congratulations.All the best.