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  1. Aaronspark

    Vetassess Electrician's Practical Exam.

    I know mate. I had the same problem. Doesn't make sense. I was panicking before the test but much easier once you can see it done the way they want you to do it. Just learn that with the procedure and you'll be fine. Good luck
  2. Aaronspark

    Vetassess Electrician's Practical Exam.

    Few questions they asked Where would I connect up a ballast on a fluorescent fitting to improve power factor - across L and N Which 1 isn't a single phase motor - capicitor, slip ring motor, shadow phase motor, (can't remember other 1) wasn't sure of answer. Work out inductors in series. - just add together Name another smoke detector - ionisation. Which battery charges - lithium ion Ballast does what in fluorescent fitting - increase voltage during starting, decreases current on running, Improves Power factor? Not sure of answer Transformer question - NP = 920, NS = 460, VP = 230 What is VS (115v) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Aaronspark

    Vetassess Electrician's Practical Exam.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Aaronspark

    Vetassess Electrician's Practical Exam.

    What's your email mate? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Aaronspark

    Vetassess Electrician's Practical Exam.

    Not been on here for a while, missed a few questions. Sorry for anyone that asked. I've got down emails I sent a mate when I did my practical in Blackburn. If anyone who wants it lists there emails I'll send them on. I wouldn't get too worried about the practical. Easier said then done I know, but it wasn't difficult. There's a video on YouTube that helped me out work the disconnect/reconnect. It was slightly ambiguous the procedure that they gave you to use so was easier watching someone do it. I'll forward that on with emails. They tutor at the Blackburn college helped us out when I was there. Really good guy who didn't want to see anyone fail. If you can, take your own test gear it borrow a mates. They didn't even watch me do the test on my install when I turned up with mine. Just learn the reconnect/disconnect procedure off by heart and have a look at drawings for DOL started. Got a drawing on email that I had to draw out then connect up using banana clips. Don't worry bout it, it's more a pain in the arse getting your licence when you get out here! [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Aaronspark

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    Thanks John. Good info, if not slightly worrying. I've got money in a UK account ready to transfer over in the next couple of months to Australia. I've already set a moneycorp account up, which I've been using to transfer sums over since the move in Sept. Would have secured a rate of about $2.18 then too! Who would be best to speak to regarding options of transferring the rest of money over? Will be looking in the next couple of months as just had an offer accepted on a house here too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Aaronspark

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    Any news on the horizon that could bump the pound up? Or is it more likely going to be after the referendum now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Aaronspark

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    Anything on the horizon that's going to strengthen the pound? Or weaken the dollar for that matter. It was up at $2.20 when I moved out here. Kinda wishing I changed all my money then. The gambling part of me thought it could creep up towards the $2.50 mark again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Aaronspark

    Electrician 4 months in

    Where you working now mate? I'm living on the GC now, working in Brisbane. Started my training with Chris form QET. Just need to box off this training and look at getting work closer to home
  10. Aaronspark

    Vetassess Electrician's Practical Exam.

    Got some stuff I can email to help you out Geezy. Won't get time for next couple of days as we're flying to Oz on Saturday and getting last bits sorted. Send me your email adrs and I'll get some stuff sent over that I've sent other lads going for the test. One thing I would say is try not to worry about it. Easier said than done, but it really isn't that difficult. Ppl do fail on the motor connections and safe isolation, but think that's nerves more than anything.
  11. Aaronspark

    Sydney Hostel Advice

    Maybe because she hasn't been there before and wants to be 'Central' to everything going on, whatever that may be! Everyone has different ideas of what fun is, some people like to be in the centre close to Bars etc
  12. Calling all Electricians!!!!.....I'm a trade qualified Electrician, heading over to the GC on 20th Sept. I hold a restricted electrical licence and will be looking for work imminently on arrival. I have 10+ years experience as a qualified electrician in the UK, with experience working in Australia also. I'm extremely hard working, professional and would consider myself an excellent craftsman with experience in the Industrial/commercial and domestic sector. Can anyone help a fellow Pom out and put me in touch with any potential employers. I would be extremely grateful. [emoji3]
  13. Be good to see some fellow POMS in the same boat. Maybe catch ya for a BBQ and beers! Going with my Partner and 7 year old daughter. Who you going with?
  14. We're booked into Ashmore palms for 4 weeks at the end of Sept too. Been recommended a few times on here and good reviews on trip advisor. You can't go wrong with the price to be honest, compared to all the other holiday rentals we were looking at.
  15. Aaronspark

    Cash for arrival

    Hey Maria Not long for you then. We put our trip out back a bit as we were originally aiming for Aug. Was a bit too close with the house sale etc, but all going thru fine at the mo since accepted offer a couple of weeks ago. So your settling on Sunshine Coast then....You were unsure where to go wasn't you? That's good that your husbands got a job sorted. How did he manage to sort that out? I need some tips!! [emoji3] Yeah, keep us posted on your move. Be good to hear how your getting on