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    Cleaning tools ready for shipping

    Hi, my husband spent days cleaning all of his tools with eyes fluid, getting all the wood and dust off, was a nightmare and took quite a long time to do but our packers,Anglo Pacific said they would be ok and they were the best they had seen.lol .so I would just clean clean clean. They said it's just luck,who gets picked out and who doesn't
  2. Dnursey1980

    Container gone today and 2 weeks to go!!

    Hi Maria how are you finding it,have you been before? You have any family out there? We have never been and do not no anyone out there...we must be mad! Have a 6 year old girl and 4 year old boy, hoping they like it. Is it a lot differant to the UK?
  3. Dnursey1980

    Container gone today and 2 weeks to go!!

    Yeh would be great to meet up. Give me a msg when your over
  4. Dnursey1980

    Container gone today and 2 weeks to go!!

    Staying for 3 nights, we are staying in grand Mercury Roy hotel about 15 mins from the airport
  5. Starting to get real know! Anglo Pacifics came today and packaged all of our things up, they were a couple of hours late!! But very good when they were here. Would recommend them. We are moving out of our house tomorrow as we have sold it. We're staying in temporary accommodation for a couple of weeks until we fly to Brisbane via Singapore on the 30th October and land in oz on the 4th November. We are a family of 4, 2 adults,35,36 & 2 children 6&4, heading for the gold coast and staying in turtle beach resort whilst we sort a more permanent rental etc out. Is anyone heading out to Gold Coast in the next few wks? Any recommendations as to what to do whilst in Singapore?
  6. Dnursey1980

    Gold Coast families......

    Hi jayzo,I will msg you when we have arrived,would love to meet up. We are just going through the final stages of selling our house,we are waiting to exchange,which seems to be taking forever!! Should be there end oct,beg of nov. how long have you lived there for? Is there lots of things for children to do?
  7. Dnursey1980

    Gold Coast families......

    Hi teejams, that's great will have to have a meet up. You got anywhere to stay yet? How old are your children?
  8. Dnursey1980

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    Wow, you have got a lot done in 1 wk. we arrive Gold Coast end oct,family of 4. How hard is it to secure a rental? Heard there's a lot of people after 1 property? Whereabouts are you in oz?
  9. We used Ian harrops,jenny is brilliant. My husband is a carpenter, we paid for the agent £2600 but we'll worth it, there is so much paperwork etc
  10. Helensvale sounds great! We are a family, 2 young children, 6 &4 we are coming out end October,have hooked into turtle beach resort near mermaid beach, for 28 nights. Hoping that's enough time to get a more permanent rental,move in,find a school, hubby look for work etc! We like the look of a few suburbs but will choose when we have looked round. Doesn't seem real yet! And I can't stop thinking about the big spiders!! They freak me out.lol
  11. Dnursey1980

    Primary Schools on the Gold Coast

    Hi, we will be arriving on the gc end of October. We have been doing a lot of research and would like to live in a family friendly suburb with lots going on, we have narrowed it down to the northern suburbs, helensvale,p pines,Arundel,parkwood,Carrara, southport . We have been looking at schools online and they seem rather big and have a lot of children attending. Is this normal for qld schools, I thought they were a lot smaller? Does anyone have any good recommendations of schools in those areas? My daughter will be going into year 2, and my son in reception. Any help would be great
  12. Dnursey1980

    Gold Coast families......

    Mybabiesmumma, hi there we are flying out to the Gold Coast from UK ,Derbyshire on the 27th October,we are a family of 4, me(35), hubby(36), daughter(6), son(4). We would love to meet up! We are staying at the turtle beach resort for 28 nights before we find a permanent rental, areas we are looking at are helensvale, Arundel,park wood,Carrara, Ashmore.....anywhere nice really! Where abouts are you living in the GC? Any advice on schools? Activities? Etc. my hubby is a carpenter so will have to find work. We don't no anybody so about scary! But as I said we would love to meet up ,especially the kids, who would have some new friends to play with.lol x
  13. We are a very outgoing family, have a big circle of friends and always doing something with the kids , I will miss them but looking forward to meeting new people and hoping it's not too long before we start meeting new people. My hubby is a carpenter so hopefully it won't be too long before he gets a job.is it easy to meet new people? Are there any meet ups in Gold Coast areas?
  14. We are leaving the UK in 10 weeks,my husband, and 2 children 6&4. Heading to Gold Coast. Very mixed emotions, nervous,excited,guilty about leaving family, hoping were doing the right things for the kids. We don't no anyone out there and have no jobs so very anxious. Really hope we're doing the right thing!!
  15. Dnursey1980

    First impression of Pickfords - not great...

    Thanks elzawelza, they do seem good so we are going to go with them, least they do everything for you as stressful enough!