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  1. Many thanks Ozmaniac :cool:
  2. We understood the Licence process/requirements differ from state to state, so he'd have to wait until we decide where we're going before he can do anything about getting his licence. Also, we thought it all needed to be done after we arrive in Oz, but I'd be grateful for advice on anything we could do when still in the UK to speed the process up? Many Thanks, D
  3. Thanks srh. That was our initial plan, but worried we might not get jobs then life would start eating into us. Researched and Gold Coast much cheaper
  4. Hi folks I'm a CIPFA qualified accountant in the UK. I hope to work in the Australian public sector. I'd be very grateful if someone could advise what the corresponding body is please? Thanks David
  5. Hi all We're a couple who have recently been granted 189 visas, so we can move anywhere. At present (weird as it sounds) we're not entirely sure where to go... I'm an Accountant and my partner is an Electrician. We visited Oz last year to research some potential places. We visited Melbourne, Gold Coast/Brisbane then Sydney. We like them all and disliked all in various ways. We were there for almost 3 weeks but still felt we missed out on visits to WA and SA. We're now trying to pin down where to go, so would appreciate any advice on how to approach things. Our plan just now is to go somewhere for a year, and use that as a base to (a) get jobs, and (b) visit other areas, with a view to deciding where to finally settle down, get jobs and buy property. Our initial plan for that first year was Sydney (as our no.1 after our visit last year). Having researched rental prices that seems like a risky plan. If we struggled to get jobs, rental prices would kill our savings. So we're thinking of maybe starting our adventure on Gold Coast? It's much cheaper than most other areas (according to numbeo.com) so there's less risk of our savings dwindling if we struggle to get a job. On the other hand, there are less jobs, so it's a trade-off I guess. I'd be very grateful for any advice about anyone else's strategy for moving where location isnt pre-defined. Thanks David
  6. dkeith109

    Newbie, Saying Hi

    All water under the bridge now, as we were both granted 189 skilled visas in Dec. He's younger than me so qualified for extra points, hence why he was lead applicant. My points would have got us a restricted location visa, his got us a 189 visa which means we can go anywhere. Thanks for your advice anyway.
  7. dkeith109

    UK Civil Service Pension

    Hi Andrew. Thanks very much for the info. I've engaged a UK financial adviser now to cover all the aspects of our move, who confirms your advice. I'm very grateful you took the time to respond. Many thanks, David
  8. dkeith109

    Shipping Company - Wales

    Thanks Rattatoile. That's good to know. Pickfords are on our list now. It's too important to trust to cowboys so happy to pay a bit extra (especially if they subsequently refund some of our money lol). Hope you've settled into Brisbane now and everything is going well after your move. D
  9. Thanks Marisa. We're planning to move in May, and rent somewhere like Meriton for the first few weeks. Any advice how to find a rental during that time? Thanks d x
  10. dkeith109

    189 Visa November Lodge Gang

    Doesn't everyone have tp have a visa?
  11. dkeith109

    189 Visa November Lodge Gang

    Hey guys We just got our 189 approval before xmas, and can offer the following tips hopefully. Our 'visa period' is from when we got our medical/police to when set foot to validate the visa (for us that means Oct, not Dec when we got approval).
  12. dkeith109

    Electricians/Accountants - Sydney

    He's a fully qualified Uk electrician
  13. dkeith109

    Electricians/Accountants - Sydney

    I'm CIPFA, they have a mutual recognition in Oz with CPA. I'm a public sector accountant, and I think that's what cpa is lol And I'm scottish lol
  14. dkeith109

    Titles for unmarried partner

    Just spent a week proving we are (and we did thru pics, bank acounts, friends testaments, etc )
  15. dkeith109

    Titles for unmarried partner

    We're a gay couple and IMMI officially defines us as 'DE-FACTO'.