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  1. Hi, just wondering what the job market is like for the above preferably WA I have 13 yrs experience fully qualified. What chance do I have on securing employment with a soon to be (fingers crossed) 189 visa? Muchas gracias
  2. Mark Beesley

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Been instructed for meds and pcc last night not long now fingers crossed
  3. Mark Beesley

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Still waiting not frontloaded meds and pcc awaiting instructions to do so. Waiting since 20th Aug offshore. Congrats to those who have received grants.
  4. Mark Beesley

    Short Term Rentals - How easy is it to find ?

    Rich, Off the topic I know but did you use the immigration advisory service? Bit worried!
  5. Mark Beesley

    immigration agency

    Hi all, Has anyone used the immigration advisory service? Many thanks