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  1. Hi blossom, Thanks for your positive feedback. I really don't like to wait another 2 more years doing same job as a full timer, which i have been doing last 4 years as a part timer. 4 years a big time you can imagine. Thankfully i already have a positive full skill assessment (i.e. old 900 hrs system one) and 6 band in each IELTS section. Do you have any idea or recommend any web site where i can verify that DIAC will approve my 4 years of part time work experience into 2 years of full time work? That would be really helpful, my friend.... regards, Robin.
  2. Hello Senise, Thanks for your time to reply on my thread. I was actually hoping to apply a bit earlier for permanent residency from 457 Transition Stream, if i can use my previous P/T work hours and YEARS(4).As you know on 457 Transition Stream the applicant must have 2 years of full time work experience before lodging Permanent residency application. Since i am in 457 visa now and have got 4 years of part time work experience before having this 457 visa(in the same nominated role), i was just hoping if DIAC could count this 4 years part time work into 2 years full time that would really save my time. "Is their any recognition in the immigration law, which can verify/approve 4 years of part time work into 2 years of full time work?" Please let me know your thought on this matter. I just don't like to wait another 2 more years doing full time work on the same role, if i could use my previous part time years and you can imagine 4 years is a long long time. ROBIN.
  3. Hello guys, Hope everybody doing well with their applications. I have a question in regards to work experience. I just recently have received my 457 visa for 4 years. According to the system i will be able to lodge my PR application after completing 2 years of full time work with my employer. From a source (unverified) i have come to know that if i have previous work experience on the same role i can fast track my PR application, which means i don't have to wait complete 2 years to lodge my PR application. My case is i have been working part time (3 years on 21hrs/wk, 1 year 31hrs/wk) with my same employer more than 4 years and on my mid 5th year i have received my 457 visa. So "Do you guys think that i will be able to fast track my PR application?!" Also my unverified source told me that my 4 years of part time work will count 2 years of full time work as of same role and company and from the same position i have recently got my 457 visa, which will expire Sep/2016. So if you guys can throw a piece of advice or comment on this one (if it really true) i would be highly appreciated. regards to all. Robin.....