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  1. Michael1984

    189 /190 advice please from a 457? Help

    Hang on just realised, I will still need my employer to back me. Not so positive now....... :mask:
  2. Michael1984

    189 /190 advice please from a 457? Help

    That sounds really positive then? What exactly is the 186 visa? Thanks for the prompt reply.
  3. Firstly thank you in advance. This site has always been incredibly useful for me. I am on my second 457 as a primary school teacher and now want to move towards PR in victoria. I effectively have had 2 different sponsorships and therefore I believe cannot get PR From my current sponsor? As I will of only been sponsored one year, even though I will of been teaching here for 2 years. next option 189 / but primary school teacher is not on the list?! CSOL I believe? 190 / but you need to have a language to get PR as a primary school teacher in Victoria. Which I do not have, any advice would be greatly appreciated about the best way yo get PR? Please help!
  4. Michael1984

    Transfering 457 visa

    How do I go about swapping my current sponsor to another one 457? Anyone done this? Anyone knows costs etc? Also I am looking to start a savings account, can anyone recommend a good high interest savings account. I currently bank with NAB. many thanks, MIchael
  5. Michael1984

    457 help and advice for teaching.

    I posted last week and I got some really helpful advice. I would now like a little more advice or opinion. As mentioned I am on a 457, but due to cuts of students and teachers it looks like I will not have a job next year. Thus I lose my sponsorship I assume? and the only way I can get another job is if I get re sponsored? Would people recommend me contacting schools before I apply for a job and telling them of this issue? or should I wait for an interview etc? Also does anyone know how easy it is, to transfer VIT cards to other states? Finally, I have been looking at perhaps teaching in the territories or WA? anyone experienced this? Any advice, help would be massive. Many thanks, Michael
  6. Michael1984

    457 confusion.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. It means a great deal.
  7. Michael1984

    457 confusion.

    Firstly, let me praise this forum. Whenever I have posted on this site, I have always received hugely informative information and it means a great deal. I came out to Australia originally in OCT last year on a WHV, and since May - June this year I have been on a 457 skilled visa, working as a primary school teacher. This visa is set to expire mid July next year. But I have had some bad news with the school saying that they no longer have a place for me, due to a lack of school numbers and returning staff. So, is it realistic that the only way I can stay in Aus in by getting a new sponsor and a new school? Or could I now apply for a different visa as by the end of the school year I would have been here 16 months. I naturally really want to stay and I am enjoying it hugely. If anyone has any advice or experienced this situation, I would really like to know? Kind Regards, Michael
  8. Michael1984

    Tax Return for a Virgin

    I have been in Australia for 9 months and have been sponsored as a primary school teacher. Do i do a tax return? I have bought trainers etc and some sunnies for school......is it worth claiming for these things? If i dont submit tomorrow, can I submit at a later date? Is there any penalities for not putting it in tomorrow, I would be really grateful for any advice etc...... Thanks so much, Michael
  9. I have been offered sponsorship from my current employer and I have started the 457 application process. I have a few queries though, When doing the initial 457 nomination. It asks for evidence to be attached, although there is no way of doing this. So I am curious to know how I attach evidence etc of the job being advertised? Also for Labour Market Testing do I just put the dates that the job was advertised and where? Finally I have started out here on a whv and now am moving onto a 457 - does this affect my super annuation claim at the end of the year? I have found this website really useful, I hope you guys can help me out!! Many Thanks, Michael
  10. I have been monitoring and reading articles on this website for a good few months and it always impresses me the warmth and the length people go to to answers questions and queries. In short I will be in Melbourne for the Melbourne cup, (October) i have all ashes tickets for both the Sydney and Melbourne test and of course a Bruce Springsteen ticket for next year in Melbourne. I will be travelling on a WHV and have been granted permission to teach in Victoria. Which I am really excited about. When I write out what I have done, I have been busy!!! I intend to get my 3 months of agricultural work done straight away and then go from there. Right Health insurance......... Can someone give me advice on this. I am looking for good cover with all the basics covered, plus MRI'S, post therapy treatment like Physio and medication etc. Do i buy it from an English agent like the post office, bank etc in England or do I get involved with an Australian company? Naturally I am quite unsure and a bit nervous. Many Thanks in advance.